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Carole Owens

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A resident of Stockbridge, Carole Owens is the author of seven books, three newspaper columns, and numerous feature articles. As a local historian, Owens was named Scholar in Residence by the Massachusetts Council on the Humanities.

Articles by Carole Owens

CONNECTIONS: Perils of population growth

Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019 - The things that attract young telecommuting families are changed by their coming, and in an effort to accommodate them, we create the things they travelled here to escape.

CONNECTIONS: Searching for the American Centinel

Tuesday, 9 Jul 2019 - It is remarkable that anyone thought they could start a newspaper with little hope for advertising revenue and less hope for reliable delivery. And yet, on Oct. 23, 1787, the first issue of the first newspaper in Berkshire County, the American Centinel, appeared.

CONNECTIONS: Sowing seeds of terrorism at our border

Tuesday, 2 Jul 2019 - There may also be disagreement about what to do with the children separated from their parents, but there may be another question worth answering: Are we creating a generation of terrorists?

CONNECTIONS: Tall tales from afar

Tuesday, 11 Jun 2019 - There are stories from foreign lands and, much like our own, some are true, some are wildly and obviously untrue, and others apocryphal.

CONNECTIONS: Speechless in Scandanavia

Tuesday, 4 Jun 2019 - After the first pass through the fjords, a waiter at dinner found more words than I could. He was loquacious; I was struck dumb. We stood together staring at the mighty, towering, silently thundering beauty.

CONNECTIONS: Truth or consequences

Tuesday, 7 May 2019 - That was the reason our Founding Fathers divided power among three co-equal branches and gave to each the power of checking the other—it was the safeguard against autocracy.

CONNECTIONS: A question of unintended intent

Tuesday, 16 Apr 2019 - “Where I disagree is that, sadly, it sounds as if you believe ONLY the man’s intent matters. Equally, it matters how the woman experiences it. So if the man says 'I intended no harm,' that is half the discussion; that doesn’t end the discussion."

CONNECTIONS: Waiting for Mueller

Tuesday, 9 Apr 2019 - All the clever people who were calculating the odds, acutely judging the politics, and weighing cost/benefit, what do they have to say now? All elected officials who cared more about keeping their jobs than doing their jobs, how do they like waiting for Mueller now?

CONNECTIONS: The counterfeit veto

Tuesday, 26 Mar 2019 - Untruth from the White House to the public is rife. Actually, it is more subtle than Twitter rants riddled with identifiable lies.

CONNECTIONS: The unspeakable climate

Tuesday, 5 Mar 2019 - It is interesting to contemplate that weather is blamed for the demise of the Vikings, the French Revolution and the bubonic plague. It is also interesting that the founding of this country, the creation of our Constitution, the Civil War, American industrialization and our Gilded Age all happened against a backdrop of extreme cold and global climate change.

CONNECTIONS: Tales of corruption, past and present

Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019 - Spiro Agnew countered that the investigation was a “witch hunt.” The investigators were “liberals and biased.” Loudly, Agnew argued that the allegations were false, politically motivated and a sitting vice president could not be indicted.

CONNECTIONS: Affairs of state, or state of affairs

Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019 - Were we simpler and purer then; were the scandals? Were we more sensitive to over-stepping and wrong-doing, less willing to overlook it and quicker to condemn? Perhaps, but explicit details rouse emotions then and now.

CONNECTIONS: Democracy at risk

Tuesday, 5 Feb 2019 - Voter suppression schemes target specific populations, generally nonwhites, and make it onerous or impossible to register, to get to the poll and cast a vote. Recent examples include the shenanigans in Georgia, North Carolina and North Dakota.

CONNECTIONS: Waiting for impeachment

Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019 - Might not public hearings commence so we as a nation can come together, experience the presentation of evidence, and agree on the necessity to bring a charge (impeachment) or the lack of justification for impeachment? Every report ends with the words “we must wait for Mueller.” Must we?

CONNECTIONS: The presidential power grab

Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019 - It appears that national emergencies were declared in time of war or when the emergency was clear to all, dire, and demanded immediate attention. The power grab was for a specific purpose and time-limited. 

CONNECTIONS: A question of treason

Tuesday, 8 Jan 2019 - Benedict Arnold is a name synonymous with treason. The facts seem clear; the motivation eludes us. Why did Arnold do it? Were his actions motivated by love, greed, hubris, or a rich mix of all three?

CONNECTIONS: A shortage of doctors

Tuesday, 1 Jan 2019 - In April 2018, the Association of American Medical Colleges reported increasing physician shortages in both primary and specialty care.

CONNECTIONS: ‘Tis the season for community, dignity

Tuesday, 25 Dec 2018 - At this time of year when we focus on gifts, visiting, punch bowls and groaning boards, let it be resolved that we remember the humanity of our neighbors – even the humanity of those who disagree with us on issues we hold dear.

CONNECTIONS: Christmas — as we know it — began in Stockbridge

Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018 - Christmas as we know it—the trees and wreaths, bells and caroling, gifts and good food—is a 19th-century invention. The authors, literally, of the modern celebration were a Stockbridge spinster and a German immigrant: Catharine Sedgwick and Charles Follen.