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Carole Owens

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A resident of Stockbridge, Carole Owens is the author of seven books, three newspaper columns, and numerous feature articles. As a local historian, Owens was named Scholar in Residence by the Massachusetts Council on the Humanities.

Articles by Carole Owens

CONNECTIONS: Waiting for impeachment

Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019 - Might not public hearings commence so we as a nation can come together, experience the presentation of evidence, and agree on the necessity to bring a charge (impeachment) or the lack of justification for impeachment? Every report ends with the words “we must wait for Mueller.” Must we?

CONNECTIONS: The presidential power grab

Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019 - It appears that national emergencies were declared in time of war or when the emergency was clear to all, dire, and demanded immediate attention. The power grab was for a specific purpose and time-limited. 

CONNECTIONS: A question of treason

Tuesday, 8 Jan 2019 - Benedict Arnold is a name synonymous with treason. The facts seem clear; the motivation eludes us. Why did Arnold do it? Were his actions motivated by love, greed, hubris, or a rich mix of all three?

CONNECTIONS: A shortage of doctors

Tuesday, 1 Jan 2019 - In April 2018, the Association of American Medical Colleges reported increasing physician shortages in both primary and specialty care.

CONNECTIONS: ‘Tis the season for community, dignity

Tuesday, 25 Dec 2018 - At this time of year when we focus on gifts, visiting, punch bowls and groaning boards, let it be resolved that we remember the humanity of our neighbors – even the humanity of those who disagree with us on issues we hold dear.

CONNECTIONS: Christmas — as we know it — began in Stockbridge

Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018 - Christmas as we know it—the trees and wreaths, bells and caroling, gifts and good food—is a 19th-century invention. The authors, literally, of the modern celebration were a Stockbridge spinster and a German immigrant: Catharine Sedgwick and Charles Follen.

CONNECTIONS: Modern witch trials

Tuesday, 30 Oct 2018 - If you are under 50 and, during your life, rights were ever-expanding and you thought it would be ever so: Did you hear the door slam?

CONNECTIONS: The plots to subvert democracy

Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018 - It is harder to understand why American citizens would undermine elections. Yet, in American history, the movements to be inclusive have been balanced by the movements to remain exclusive.

CONNECTIONS: A tour of Berkshire abodes

Tuesday, 2 Oct 2018 - Berkshire County is particularly interesting as an architectural exhibit. Given New England practicality or parsimony or respect for our history, we didn’t always tear down and build new: We save our old houses.


Tuesday, 11 Sep 2018 - Unresolved and never abandoned, it is the push-pull between the sides that make America what it is, make our politics what they have been.

CONNECTIONS: The tale of the honorable traitor

Tuesday, 28 Aug 2018 - Jackson appealed to Fellows to allow him out each day to work so he would not “waste time and lose money.” If he were allowed out each morning, he faithfully promised to return to jail each night.

CONNECTIONS: Tanglewood, a crucible for the best in humanity

Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018 - In this current contentious climate, there were 10,000 or more people gathered in peace and quiet demonstrating good manners and good grace. That was a snapshot of America as important and compelling as any “breaking news” about violence, corruption, or hate.

CONNECTIONS: Owning a Berkshire lib

Tuesday, 31 Jul 2018 - Paul Solovay pushes a bullhorn toward Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai outside the Great Barrington Town Hall during a July 22 speaking engagement at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts.

CONNECTIONS: America’s core values: A refresher

Tuesday, 24 Jul 2018 - Those focused on the job and intent on completing the work assigned to them, those working for benefit of others and without an undue need to take a bow or toot a horn, those are the ones with the confidence to allow for others to thrive.

CONNECTIONS: Bow Ties snarl; Big Tents fold

Tuesday, 3 Jul 2018 - In a land far, far away, the two political parties skulked around the capital city calling each other names, playing dirty tricks, refraining from governing the nation in the name of party survival, and lying to the public about it. 

CONNECTIONS: A ‘goodie’ woman rebels

Tuesday, 26 Jun 2018 - By 23 years old, Julia Ward Howe was dancing and talking, although neither was sanctioned, and testing the waters of whatever else might shock.

CONNECTIONS: A sense of place

Tuesday, 29 May 2018 - It is interesting that what draws many to Berkshire today is no different than what drew people in the 18th century: land. If we value our unique Berkshire communities, how do we protect and maintain them in this modern world?