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Carole Owens

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A resident of Stockbridge, Carole Owens is the author of seven books, three newspaper columns, and numerous feature articles. As a local historian, Owens was named Scholar in Residence by the Massachusetts Council on the Humanities.

Articles by Carole Owens

CONNECTIONS: Bow Ties snarl; Big Tents fold

Tuesday, 3 Jul 2018 - In a land far, far away, the two political parties skulked around the capital city calling each other names, playing dirty tricks, refraining from governing the nation in the name of party survival, and lying to the public about it. 

CONNECTIONS: A ‘goodie’ woman rebels

Tuesday, 26 Jun 2018 - By 23 years old, Julia Ward Howe was dancing and talking, although neither was sanctioned, and testing the waters of whatever else might shock.

CONNECTIONS: A sense of place

Tuesday, 29 May 2018 - It is interesting that what draws many to Berkshire today is no different than what drew people in the 18th century: land. If we value our unique Berkshire communities, how do we protect and maintain them in this modern world?

CONNECTIONS: Recreating MumBet

Tuesday, 8 May 2018 - We do not know how MumBet looked as a child or young woman. We do not know what she sounded like or what her posture, her gait and her gestures were like. Can we determine it at a distance of 300 years?

CONNECTIONS: Make America a democracy again

Tuesday, 17 Apr 2018 - “Democracy is under assault and in retreat around the globe, a crisis that has intensified as America’s democratic standards erode at an accelerating pace.” -- Freedom House report

CONNECTIONS: The makings of a dictator

Tuesday, 3 Apr 2018 - There are handbooks on becoming a dictator. You have to have the taste for it and the talent but, if you do: create an oligarchy, encourage thuggery, undermine checks and balances and silence the press.

CONNECTIONS: An accident brings a president to the Red Lion Inn

Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018 - As a result of the Sept. 6, 1901, assassination of President McKinley, three things happened: Theodore Roosevelt became president of the United States, the function of the Secret Service expanded to include guarding the U.S. president and William Craig was assigned to guard Roosevelt.

CONNECTIONS: A wireless tangle in Berkshires’ future

Tuesday, 6 Mar 2018 - Some are moved to ask: Which would you like more – a tree and patch of grass or a refrigerator that talks to the grocery store? Evidently the big ugly is coming with precious little to prevent it.

CONNECTIONS: Coaching and driving in the Gilded Age

Tuesday, 27 Feb 2018 - During the Gilded Age, the equipage, the livery and the horses as well as the skill in driving were sources of great pride. A local newspaper even gave a whole column for the length of the page to recounting the teams and mounts of local cottagers.

CONNECTIONS: A brief history of fake news

Tuesday, 13 Feb 2018 - From editors blatantly trying to sell papers by any means to columnists courting readers to publishers trying to shape national policy, the people believe the fake news as readily as they believe the truth.

CONNECTIONS: America’s first serial killer

Tuesday, 6 Feb 2018 - Prior to that moment, under common law, a party to a suit was disqualified from testifying at trial based on the belief that the testimony of an “interested” witness would be self-serving and false.

CONNECTIONS: The Gentleman Burglar, part 1

Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018 - The New York Times dedicated a full page to the Gentleman Burglar of Stockbridge: 'The once quiet peaceful town now sleeps with barred doors. The watchmen in the street and the detective are on the alert for a tall man with arching eyebrows and a mesmerizing voice.'

CONNECTIONS: Coded messages

Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018 - In the 19th century, the rules and rituals of courtship were prescribed by the church and then by society. However quaint they may seem to us today, we can identify with the underlying humanity and human yearning.

CONNECTIONS: Bamboozled Berkshires

Tuesday, 2 Jan 2018 - While we like to think the Berkshires is populated with good people and only good people, we are not always right. The combination of bad actors and naiveté has resulted in more than one Berkshire swindle.

CONNECTIONS: The Christmas Gift

Tuesday, 19 Dec 2017 - 'I was sad that there was not enough money for a gift for you, so I sat and reasoned it out. I remembered that not all gifts have to be store-bought gifts.'