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Pittsburgh: Sign of things to come

Sunday, 28 Oct 2018 - In her letter to the editor Tela Zasloff of Williamstown writes: “The Nazis had Hitler and his enablers; we have Trump and the Republicans in Congress and the hate fringe supporting Trump.”

DA candidate Caccaviello is a Republican in Democrat clothing

Saturday, 27 Oct 2018 - In their letter Marie and Marie T. Harpin write: “We need a District Attorney who will reform the criminal justice system in Berkshire County and will not maintain the status quo. Attorney Andrea Harrington is the only candidate on the ballot who can bring about that much needed reform.”

The district attorney seat belongs to the people

Thursday, 25 Oct 2018 - In her letter Kathleen Riley of Pittsfield writes: “Mr. Caccaviello lost an election, period. Blaming his [primary] election loss on his not being a politician is absurd and hypocritical. He manipulated the political system to get the advantage of incumbency.”

Restricting short-term rentals is short-sighted

Wednesday, 24 Oct 2018 - In his letter to the editor Jim Harwood of Lenox writes: "I support any legislation that allows for collection of a room tax equivalent on short-term rentals, especially if the tax is used to fund affordable housing and or education."

Harrington unqualified to assume post of District Attorney

Sunday, 21 Oct 2018 - In his letter to the editor, Attorney Alan J. Righi writes: "By marshaling two campaigns in two years, [Andrea] Harrington revealed her political ambitions: the DA’s race is just a steppingstone for this politician."

Support Single Payer legislation in Question 4

Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018 - I Beth Eisenberg writes: "The enormous burden to cities, towns and school districts that must pay ever-increasing health insurance bills for current employees as well as retirees would be alleviated, and other much needed municipal and educational needs could be addressed."

More factual reasons to vote NO on Question 1

Monday, 15 Oct 2018 - In her letter to the editor Rene Wood writes: "Voting NO on Question 1 doesn’t say we don’t value their dedication and care. It doesn’t mean we’re against nurses. It does mean nurse-to-patient ratios should not be one size fits all or mandatory."

Setting the record straight about the South Egremont School

Saturday, 13 Oct 2018 - In their letter Danile Kelly and Sarah Blaugrun write: "Due to ongoing political disagreements between the Southern Berkshire Regional District (SBRSD) and the Town of Egremont, questions of remediation (and financial obligations towards that end) have delayed a date of entry into the building for our students."

Healey’s support of Harrington diminishes office of AG

Saturday, 13 Oct 2018 - In her letter Regina Hill writes: "The Democratic nominee for district attorney is the least qualified person to ever run, yet she is the beneficiary of help and support from those I believe ignored that critical fact."

Get the facts & vote NO on Question No. 1

Sunday, 30 Sep 2018 - In her letter Rene Wood writes: "Question No. 1 will undermine the financial stability of hospitals, especially nonprofit hospitals like our beloved Fairview Hospital."

Vicious Kavanaugh blames and shames

Friday, 28 Sep 2018 - Brett Kavanaugh showed himself to still be who he always was: an entitled bratty frat boy who shouts at others and pities himself.

No is no: Caccaviello should drop out

Sunday, 23 Sep 2018 - In her letter Peggy Kern writes: "If Paul [Caccaviello] values the community he has been charged with serving in his role as DA, then he should accept our verdict and drop out of the race."

Reform needed in Berkshire County justice system

Sunday, 23 Sep 2018 - In her letter Claudia d'Alessandro writes: "I remain hopeful that Andrea Harrington will bring to the DA’s office a better understanding of the impact and threat of violent crime in our communities."

An important moment for marijuana in New Marlborough

Thursday, 20 Sep 2018 - In his letter Daniel Doern writes: "New Marlborough residents will soon have the opportunity to vote and choose how, or if, they would like marijuana businesses to be located within the town."

Harrington would eliminate bias in DA’s office

Monday, 3 Sep 2018 - In her letter to the editor Alisa Costa writes: "Berkshire County has the lowest rate of prosecution of these crimes [domestic violence and sexual assault] in the state and the highest rate in the state."

‘Travel training’ needed for public transit

Monday, 3 Sep 2018 - In his letter to the editor Tate Coleman writes: “One of the reasons people may choose not to utilize public transit in rural areas is they may not know about the system.”