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Warren is best choice for Democrats

Wednesday, 4 Mar 2020 - In her letter Sharon Coleman writes: “As Biden’s performance in South Carolina shows, a candidate’s narrative momentum can be reversed in a single day.”

Warren is most capable presidential candidate

Friday, 28 Feb 2020 - In a letter to the editor, Michael Wise writes: "Warren will not only unify the Democrats, but she will also appeal to independents and good-government traditional Republicans."

No PCB dump in the Berkshires: Popular resistance begins

Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020 - In a letter to the editor, Pooja Prema of Great Barrington, Mass., writes, "I advocate for leaving the river alone until more effective natural remediation technologies are discovered within the next two to 10 years, which could be done in situ (without dredging). This technology most likely already exists"

GE-Housatonic River cleanup meeting reflections

Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020 - In a letter to the editor, Nan Wile writes, "Many of us danced around the block with the board and DEP several years ago, over the fate of a brownfield in downtown Great Barrington, and the decisions were permissive and disappointing."

Could everyone have a seat at the table?

Friday, 21 Feb 2020 - I keep having this dream that all the Democratic candidates – perhaps including those who have dropped out along the way – would go away together for an extended retreat.

No Berkshires PCB dumps – period!

Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020 - I am all for science and sadly EPA, in this fight, has proven they are only as good as the standards we hold them to. Let the EPA know there will not be a local dump, period.

No-trial impeachment ‘trial’

Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020 - In his letter Stewart Edelstein of Stockbridge writes: "We, the people, demand a fair trial, not a show trial with a preordained result."

Affordable housing misconceptions addressed

Thursday, 9 Jan 2020 - In a letter to the editor, Jonathan Hankin writes, "The Trust has a binding purchase and sale agreement that is contingent upon approval of the funding for the purchase by the May Annual Town Meeting."

Historians recommend impeachment to protect Constitution

Thursday, 2 Jan 2020 - In a letter to the editor, Justin F. Jackson writes, "It is my considered judgment, and the judgment of more than 2,000 historians, that if President Trump’s misconduct does not rise to the level of impeachment, and removal from office, then virtually nothing does."

Enjoy the holidays and be green

Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019 - In a letter to the editor, Joan Angelo writes, "According to the EPA, household waste increases 25 percent from Thanksgiving to New Year’s."

What’s next for Great Barrington’s home rule and horse racing?

Tuesday, 17 Dec 2019 - In a letter to the editor, members of Citizens Concerned About GB Horseracing write, "Although that clear message has been sent, there is a simple next step that citizens can take to be sure that the home rule petition becomes law, and not just a message."

Republicans’ behavior should be countered

Monday, 16 Dec 2019 - In a letter to the editor, Gary Pitney writes, "The Republican Congress and its leaders have become the masters of sophistry, obfuscation and equivocation."

The battle is not over for self-determination about horse racing

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019 - It seems to me that we may have won a minor skirmish in this matter, but the battle is not over. There is still a lot of work to do before we arrive at a point where the citizens of Great Barrington are guaranteed the right to self-determination on the issue of horse racing.

Potential future changes in South County public education

Thursday, 5 Dec 2019 - In a letter to the editor, Dennis Sears writes, "After deliberation, the group of eight town Regional School District Planning Committees and/or the two Regional School District Planning Committees meet and form a “Regional School District Planning Board,” which then organizes and moves down the formal path of investigation, analysis and planning, including meetings with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, etc., through the more detailed part of the process."