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Carolyn Newberger

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Carolyn Newberger is an artist, child psychologist, and musician (flute and jazz washboard) whose deep concerns for people and their lives drive her work. Her drawings, paintings and collage have achieved recognition and awards in juried and solo exhibitions. Carolyn went to Sarah Lawrence College and received her doctorate from Harvard, after two years in Burkina Faso with the Peace Corps. As a psychologist, Carolyn developed an influential theory of parental consciousness that continues to frame family studies and efforts to prevent child abuse. Her research and teaching at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, and her ability clearly and soundly to address such subjects as parental discipline, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, attract respect and notice by clinicians and media alike. Called often as an expert on television news, she appeared twice on the Oprah Winfrey show and has published widely in both the scientific and popular press. Carolyn’s art is represented by Galatea Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts and she performs regularly on jazz washboard with Eli and the Hot Six. To learn more about Carolyn and to view her art, visit her website at www.carolynnewberger.com.

Articles by Carolyn Newberger

Ramps: Eagerly anticipated (and delicious) signs of spring

Saturday, 11 May 2019 - Native peoples celebrated the arrival of ramps with festivals. Some ramp festivals continue in Appalachia to this day. For early Americans, their eager ramp consumption relieved the sores and tiredness of months of vitamin C-depleted winter.

‘Battle Fatigue’: An artist’s meditation on her father and World War II

Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018 - Her father never spoke of these experiences. It wasn’t until about a year ago, when she became concerned that this treasure might fall apart, that Nina thought about telling her father’s story and, in the process, gaining insight into this enigmatic man and her relationship with him.

 For Judge Kavanaugh, it’s only about him

Saturday, 29 Sep 2018 -  “I will never quit” is based on two premises: there are no possible circumstances that are more important than my not quitting; and this is about me.

#MeToo, 58 years later

Monday, 24 Sep 2018 - And what do I and others do with our stories? What do we want from our abusers and the institutions that protected them?

Mahler’s Symphony No. 3:  A View from the Forest

Sunday, 26 Aug 2018 - Two nights ago, the Boston Symphony at Tanglewood performed Mahler’s third symphony, a large, rambling, ambitious work by a young composer who had recently lost his sister and mother, suffered poor health, and whose intense love of nature offered him meaning and comfort.

Musicians of the future in our Berkshire home towns

Saturday, 14 Jul 2018 - In the Berkshires, where great music and great musicians are standard fare, we also have some amazing young local musicians who are enriching our community not just during the summer season, but year-round.

Orbits in the arc of life

Friday, 4 Aug 2017 - Through this process I’ve learned that the most important attribute of a top is not its shape but its spin. All of a sudden, we toppled over that expansion curve into contraction, big time.

Second Chances

Friday, 28 Jul 2017 - The house looks fabulous. Eli and I look at each other and say, “Why didn’t we do this a long time ago?”

A Pittsfield Fourth of July Parade

Tuesday, 4 Jul 2017 - We were part of a parade that seemed to stretch for miles, embracing Pittsfield leaders, programs, and players large and small.

Buttons for Obama 

Wednesday, 8 Feb 2017 - How ever could I have imagined that one day I would celebrate in Africa the inauguration of our first African American president?