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Carolyn Newberger

After an academic career in psychology at Harvard Medical School, Carolyn Newberger moved to the Berkshires and established a second career as an artist and writer. She writes and illustrates music and dance reviews for The Berkshire Edge, often in collaboration with her husband, Eli Newberger, and records in paintings and prose the treasures and insights that she discovers in the Berkshires forest.

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Kids 4 Harmony join Emmanuel Ax in a prelude concert at Ozawa Hall

One could sense the audience sitting up higher in their seats and taking notice as they realized that these were not just children playing music, but ensembles of fine young musicians performing music wonderfully.

Interpreter: You see what you look for and you look for what you know

Carolyn Newberger’s annual essay to the Saturday Morning Club, presented at their bi-weekly meeting on November 12, 2022 at the Harvard Club, Boston. Established by Julia Ward Howe in 1871 for women writers, the Saturday Morning Club papers are archived at the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College.

BOOK REVIEW: Julian C. E. Clauss-Ehlers and Caroline S. Clauss-Ehlers’ ‘Eating Together Being Together: Recipes, Activities and Advice from a Chef Dad and Psychologist Mom’

"Eating Together Being Together" provides abundant insights and ideas to bring the family together as helpers and partners in food choices, preparations, the community of meal and family time, and the many celebrations that food can provide.

U.S. Representative Jamie Raskin endorses Andrea Harrington

Raskin also delivered the Mona Sherman Memorial Lecture at the Mahaiwe that afternoon.

My Ukrainian ancestors and their search for safety: Is past prologue?

I feel as though history has come full circle. The city from which my family fled violence more than 100 years ago is now the victim of violence. And yet the Ukraine of 100 years ago is not the Ukraine of today, especially for Jews.

CONCERT REVIEW: South Mountain Concert Series returns with Calidore String Quartet

The Pittsfield-based chamber music series made its triumphant return with "a concert of exultation, lament, and gratitude."

CONCERT REVIEW: The Knights, Norway, and nature at The Clark

The New York City-based orchestra, a favorite in the Berkshires, helped the museum celebrate its "Visions of Norway" exhibit.

Eye-popping hip-hop road show by Jacob’s Pillow

The headliner was The Ladies of Hip-Hop, from New York, a nonprofit festival of dance dedicated to empowering girls and women in and through hip-hop culture.

DANCE REVIEW: The inexorable power of we — Contra-Tiempo inspires Jacob’s Pillow

The dances called out the ways in which people are marginalized and oppressed, as well as the ways people can resist and move into joy. 

DANCE REVIEW: Dorrance Dance comes through for Jacob’s Pillow

"The piece conveyed a sense of elation, each solo and grouping ... part of a vital, vibrant community, making connection after the stress and pain of separation."

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 52: Keys

In the absence of that busyness, the challenge now is to engage in a different way, perhaps finding surprising richness in places we hadn’t noticed before. As with the forest, I am finding keys that unlock what I might have otherwise overlooked.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 51: Needing the forest for the trees

We don’t see each other much, living pretty far away. Our relationship is far from perfect, having its own burls and snarls. Yet we are a forest.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 50: A mother robin

The robin did not return, but we left the nest undisturbed just in case, sorrowful that we were so poorly able to protect her from ourselves.


And yet even with my family and professional history, I am learning daily about acts of racial policy and violence in our country’s history and in contemporary life that I hadn’t known, and that connect the dots to reveal a country bathed in the blood of racism.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 49: You see what you look for, and you look for what you know

By toggling my vision from the forest as a system to the particulars of its elements, I am coming to a deeper understanding of the forest.

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