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Carole Murko

Carole Murko is an interior decorator. As principal of Boulderwood Design Group, she undertakes projects that range from simple color consulting to kitchen and bath design on through to full project management. When she isn’t running around sourcing amazing products for her clients, she can be found sharing food stories and recipes on her website

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EATING IN SEASON: Tomato heaven

I find it hard to eat all the tomatoes that my plants produce. And guilt settles in. I can’t let them go to waste.

EATING IN SEASON: Blueberry bonanza

I recently found the recipe for blueberry muffins scribbled – ingredients only – no instructions. Why would I need the instructions? I knew exactly how to make them! I decided to make them. Guess what? I still know how to make them.


I find garlic scapes simply perfect. Their curly, sculptural shape intrigues me. They double as both a food and a flower arrangement. I usually harvest them and place them in a mason jar filled with water.

EATING IN SEASON: Fresh strawberries

Those delicate heart-shaped berries inspire me to cook up a storm. Is there nothing better than a strawberry rhubarb pie, or how about some strawberry ice cream and better yet, preserving the bounty and canning some strawberry jam?

TRANSFORMATIONS: The kitchen as sacred space, an island in time

No matter what, the kitchen will be the beacon for you, your family, and your friends. If it reflects your style and your soul, it will be of most beautiful and perfect kitchen in the world.

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