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Cecele Kraus

A psychotherapist for thirty-five years, Cecele Kraus listened with ear and heart to the stories of others. Over the past fifteen years, she has turned to her own stories as well, remembering details and writing poems and short prose pieces. She has authored three poetry chapbooks: Dreaming Barranquilla (Troy Bookmakers), Tuscaloosa Bypass (Finishing Line Press), and Harmonica (Liquid Light Press). Writing about her husband has helped in the grieving process since his death in late 2017. Cecele lives in Copake, New York.

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CECELE KRAUS: His tracks

Now widowed, a thought occurred to me: What a joy it would be to take Jerry’s place on the slopes with Alice and Emily, our granddaughters.

Holiday Hustle

The 19th-century New England village was a lively place, divided into 500 pieces.

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