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Barbara K. Quart

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Barbara Quart was a professor of English at the College of Staten Island for 35 years. She also wrote “Women Directors: The Emergence of a New Cinema,” and over a hundred articles and reviews for magazines like Ms, Film Quarterly, the Nation, and Cineaste.

Articles by Barbara K. Quart

REVIEW: New York Film Festival 2019, Part 1

Thursday, 3 Oct 2019 - Another film made by a young and talented director to watch for in the future is “Fire will Come” by Olivier Laxe, a wonderfully made Spanish film, beautiful to look at but also enigmatic, shot in a gorgeous mountain area where the love of nature is evident in every frame.

REVIEW: New York Film Festival, Part 2

Thursday, 18 Oct 2018 - What I can speak about with great enthusiasm are two excellent documentaries that were part of the festival but not included in the main slate: one about perhaps the greatest filmmaker of them all, Ingmar Bergman; the other about the extraordinary earliest woman director, Alice Guy-Blache.

REVIEW: New York Film Festival, Part 1

Tuesday, 2 Oct 2018 - The great French film industry has also given us this year the smartest film around, Assayas' “Non-Fiction,” so very French with its focus on art and literature and a touch of politics.

Housatonic Valley Art League rides again into Great Barrington

Monday, 6 Aug 2018 - I return, eager to pick my brushes and go back to my own very small way of blessing life: with my Berkshire garden, with Taft Farms' cut flowers and with preparations for new paintings for the next two Housatonic Valley Art Leagu shows.

REVIEW: 55th New York Film Festival, Part II

Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 - "Lady Bird" is the debut feature film by actress Greta Gerwig, known especially as the lead in Noah Baumbach's recent films. It's a girl's coming-of-age movie, a genre as rare as hens' teeth. Baumbach's latest film, 'The Meyerowitz Stories,' was also featured in the festival.

The creative life: HVAL and I

Friday, 24 Jul 2015 - Painting in the Berkshires profoundly changed my life. I’d painted throughout my youth and when I first started teaching English in New York, but demands of family and profession soon crowded all that out, though I always thought of it as my first love.