Monday, May 20, 2024

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Bobby Houston

Bobby Houston is an Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker who retired to Great Barrington in 2005. Then he started fixing old buildings and he can't seem to stop. Together with his partner Eric Shamie, they have Hauswork Design, and are currently redeveloping the Dolby Florists site for retiree co-housing.

written articles

TRANSFORMATIONS: Saving an old lady

Designer/developer Bobby Houston give "that big yellow thing" a new and better life.

Laury with a ‘Y’

If there's a line of people who are going to miss Laury Epstein, save me a spot at the front.

At BIFF ‘Dreaming of a Vetter World,’ a Nebraska farmer goes organic

"I suddenly had some questions about how our food’s being grown here in America… There’s a huge disaster going on right now that few people even know about." -- Bonnie Hawthorne, writer and director of 'Dreaming of a Vetter World'

The DOT has a PR problem; give the roundabout a fair hearing

I would like to see us give the roundabout a fair hearing. It might just be that traffic engineers (and drivers all around the world) know what they’re doing.

How bad it’s got

I was sandbagged by a little old lady because I'm a Democrat and she's a Republican.

The curious case of the non-voter

There is a snarling hatred of politics out there in the street, heavily salted with fear. And that fear is close to the surface: Simply mention voting and there’s a look you come to recognize — panic, “Please, god, get me outta here.”

REVIEW: ‘Orange Star Smasharoo’ is a rockin’ good time at Daniel’s Art Party

“Smasharoo” makes a rousing finale for ‘Daniel’s Art Party,’ which has given us seven (count ‘em, seven) new productions in the last three weeks.

Truth be told — again

Those kids put their bodies on the line and shamed a nation into finally paying attention. And it worked.

Letter from Barcelona: We are not afraid

It was especially discouraging to listen to the State of the Union from here in Spain, a place where they’re not buying into Trump’s message of fear – fear of immigrants, fear of falling, fear of each other.

VIEWPOINT: On normalizing Trump

We must now find ways to live through this interval where yet another Republican rich-kid brat has dramatically lowered the bar and thereby won the game. Without winning the vote. (Why must we call it "popular?" The vote is the vote.)

Searles School: Why not residential?

Community comes from residents, not tourists. Tourists come here because of our vibrant community.

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