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Belle Fox-Martin

Belle Fox-Martin lives in Glendale, also known as the fashionable west side of Stockbridge, with her wife and three dogs. She has been a UCC minister, gallery owner, theater producer, Substance Abuse Specialist, less than fine artist, wind energy surveyor an impromptu instillation artist and a very unskilled bartender. Her poetry and micro stories have found their way into The Christian Science Monitor, Sojourners, The Berkshire Edge, Christianity and the Arts as well as many other literary publications. Stone Pears and her previous collection, Misplaced Day, are available through Amazon.

written articles

I love a parade  

I'll tell you: Be your own damn parade. Be a one-person parade.

Belle Fox-Martin: 100,000 and counting

Does the weight of this sorrow seem too much to bear? Then wait, take a breath and realize that you are not holding this sorrow alone.

POEM: Reflection

it's our neck it's our knee it's our knee on our neck


Self-pity is a dirty word, and our instinctual response to it is to bury it deep whenever it raises its ugly little head.

BELLE FOX-MARTIN: Challenges in the time of coronavirus

Belle Fox-Martin offers advice on how to deal with those life-changing, challenging moments during our self-isolation in this era of epidemic.

BELLE FOX-MARTIN: Answer the phone

"In these troubling times, I have such a great opportunity to share with you, madame.”

BELLE FOX-MARTIN: Moles, voles & rabbit warrens

The futile attempt to try to make order out of chaos may allow some wee sense of control, but it all rings hollow.

Ducks & rows           

This virus calls us to view our world’s global disarray.

Valentine’s Day message: Don’t talk. Just kiss.  

Orelse was as gray as the day, except for her overweight lips that shone as red as a mid-September sunrise on Narragansett Bay.  

Belle Fox-Martin: Fire!

For anyone to tag themselves as a “very stable genius” is tantamount to shouting “fire” in a theater.  

Belle Fox-Martin: Through a lens differently   

The clarity would never be spot on but it would be so much more than nothing.


Bring to mind a remarkable occurrence that you experienced on this day or any Friday of your life.

POEM: Days of Awe

A poem for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, that begins today at sunset, initiating ten days of spiritual self-examination. L'Shanah Tovah.

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