Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Albert Stern

Albert Stern is the editor of the Berkshire Jewish Voice. His stories have appeared in the New York Times, the Forward, Salon, Nerve, and the Berkshire Eagle, and on WAMC Northeast Public Radio.

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Arbor Day Reflection: I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a clean kitchen counter

I’ve argued that it’s OK to use paper plates, that the trees used are planted specifically for that purpose and wouldn’t exist otherwise.

The Fluffies meet Satan

Within seconds, my dogs and this monster were nose to nose, with the 8-pound Morkie furiously probing the fence for a hole to squeeze through so he could get into the adjacent yard and kill the big dog.

A walk in the woods – with the mosquitoes

I read the label on the safe, organic insect repellent to see what this concoction did contain. Rosemary oil. Lemongrass oil. Cinnamon oil. And I’m thinking – this isn’t insect repellent, this is salad dressing.

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