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Ann St. Clair

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Ann St. Clair was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in New York City where she constantly wore black and read Sartre on the subway. Her father did some sort of ill-defined government work, and from an early age, she was surrounded by people and ideas from around the world. As a teenager, she tripped into a summer job as receptionist at British Information Service in the RCA Building in New York, where she became fascinated by the public relations operation of a government in a foreign country. She enjoyed working in daytime TV where her most stirring line was: “The doctor will see you now.” Ann graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, where she ate, breathed and slept English literature and history, and took a year-long Bible course that changed her life. She has finished writing several books, including a coming of age novel called Marta Byrd, and she is working on a clutch of tales featuring eccentric characters in Israeli Secret Service. She likes living in the Berkshires, where she enjoys theatre and intrigue, and she loves to laugh.

Articles by Ann St. Clair

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Monday, 15 Aug 2016 - Shakespeare & Company’s Education Director Kevin Coleman is a 2016 Tony Award Finalist for Excellence in Theatre Education. “Creativity is our birthright. All art gives us insights into ourselves, keys to our own creativity, and theatre adds a natural experience of cooperation,” he notes.

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Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014 - Director Jonathan Croy sees “Private Eyes” as a perfect reflection of romance in the 1990’s, and “it still works beautifully today.” Because it’s a slice of romance in the here and now — any here and now.