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A. J. Kohlhepp

A.J. Kohlhepp teaches and coaches at Berkshire School. He is currently working on a history of urban squash in America.

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Over the months of T.’s presidency, I have noted an ever increasing dearth of joy. It has gotten harder and harder to find. I see the lack of it to be not unlike a snow fog that has taken up permanent residence.

Come to the table

Come to the table to know once again and again we are each other’s keepers.

Berkshire Snow Day

"I'm on my way to Price Chopper, can I pick up anything for you?"

Just another Day of Celebration: January 12, 2019

Five national celebrations on this one solitary winter’s day. Who knew?

Of planners and promises: A New Year’s Day dilemma

To put it simply, many of us are so mired in the busy-ness of everyday life that we don’t, or can’t, look up long enough to assess what we do and when we do it and how effective we are in doing it in our daily lives.

How do you spell ‘compassion’?

I wish you a compassionate Hanukkah, Christmas, Diwali, Kwanzaa and Advent.  I wish us all light.

POEM: The Backwards Geese (from the gate outside South Egremont School)

as if time could run backwards at their beckoning; as if winter could recede from my fingers and the white gate swing wide, with the fall riot returning to the bracketing treelimbs, thence to turn verdant and alive, the schoolyard now summer-empty.

There’s a chill in the air   

There most certainly is a chill in the air. This chill is so pervasive and blowing from so many directions that our impulse is to bundle up, protect ourselves, cover our faces from this stinging wind.

A self-confessed line umpire

Whatever empathy we express toward the man who has thirsted for 30,000 years is just a self-serving feint  to sooth our ego.

Vira Vira Equinox

Vira says: "Giving the farmers billions is like...."

The Emperor’s New Clothes — An adaptation

Instead of saying, as one might, about any other ruler, "The King's in council," here they always said. "The President is tweeting in his dressing room.”

July 9th Somebody’s Birthday        

Maybe you have some wise words to weave into a toast that would make the rest of us feel celebratory or at least  better about our world in general.

Vira Vira Equinox

Vira Vira poses the question of the day -- perhaps the era.

In My Back Yard

In my backyard, undiscriminating addiction is gutting our children, neighbors, families.

Vira Vira Equinox

America doesn’t have a national dance. Perhaps it should be the limbo.

It’s Thursday morning

It’s Thursday morning and I could mow but I did that yesterday. Maybe I’ll write yet another note of fan mail to Allison Larkin.

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