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Anne Dwyer

A foodie to the soul. I've been destination eating since I was seventeen (I won't tell how long that journey has been). It has taken me as far as Australia and as close as my best friend's mother's kitchen. I have a degree in Pastry Arts and operated my own bakery for more than a decade. I do love my sugar, but have my chops from kitchens in Cambridge, New York, Providence and right here in the tri-county area. Please enjoy my thoughts and may them inspire you to order a dish you've never tasted.

written articles

EATING ON THE EDGE: Tangier Café, a delicious array of Mediterranean cuisine

Everything from the atmosphere, to the service, to the generous portions, was delightful.

EATING ON THE EDGE: Mountainside Café, a hidden gem in Falls Village

The Café has an unassuming, welcoming feel. It's this family that wants to extend an invitation to your family.

Christmas tree tales: What the ornaments say

It takes me days to do. One day just to get the lights on, and then, I rest. The next day I start with the ornaments, which takes forever. Every ornament has it's own story.

The ultimate farm to table: A Berkshire family harvest

The next time you are at the butcher’s counter, give a thought to where your food comes from, what it required of the fully committed people who get it to your table.

OFF RANGE w/ ANNE E.: Saddle up! Thanksgving tips

Anne E. answers readers questions about preparing dishes ahead of time for Thanksgiving dinner, and offers a delicious roasted butternut soup recipe.

OFF RANGE WITH ANNE E.: Light up the stove

I'll share with you my kitchen experiences, tricks of the trade, insider's knowledge and how to make it look easy. Don't worry.

EATING ON THE EDGE: Cantina 229, ‘world fare made local’

Last summer, the Cantina opened its doors one night a week for Taco Tuesday and it was hit! This year they re-opened and expanded the menu to “world fare made local.”

EATING ON THE EDGE: Bash Bish Brew & ‘Que, hot new barbecue spot in Sheffield

All in all, I give Bash Bish Brew & ‘Que two finger lickin’ thumbs up! It's worth the trip. You won't be disappointed!

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