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Andrew D. Blechman

Andrew Blechman is a former Great Barrington selectman and member of the Finance Committee. He is the author of two nationally reviewed books for Grove Atlantic, and has written for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Smithsonian magazine, The Atlantic, among other publications. His pup, Gingersnap, a wolverine-honey badger mix, is perfect in every way.

written articles

Day Trip: Rhinebeck, N.Y.

Rhinebeck to the Future—chilling amid a village's retro indie charm

Tennis, anyone?

A good place to start are the community tennis associations -- informal volunteer organizations led by a few selfless souls who simply adore the sport and are eager to encourage others to play it.

Day Trip: Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

Here's our suggestion for a delightfully quirky day trip, should you want to travel out of the Berkshires.

Shine a Light for Democracy

Light a candle, your phone, a flashlight. Stand at your front door, by a window, on the sidewalk, at your town hall. Inauguration Eve, Tuesday, January 19, for 15 minutes starting at 9 p.m. EST.

Light a candle for Democracy

The world is watching. And so are our children. And that matters. A million candles for Democracy. We can do this.

Black Berkshires: A hidden and not-so-hidden legacy

The story of being Black in the Berkshires is largely untold. It’s a legacy of injustices endured, freedom attained, of human hatred and human kindness, of lasting yet dissipating segregation...

Gliding Across the Water, Berkshire-style

Andrew and Rob's excellent adventures on rental boats in the Berkshires. You can join in!

Roads Less Traveled: Easy Day Trips for Modest Times

Don't let COVID-19 keep you cooped up! Venture out and enjoy one of these intriguing Berkshire excursions.

Let’s Wander! Hitting the trails to stay (mostly) sane

We're lucky here in the Berkshires. We’ve got nature ⎯ that secret sauce that revives under nearly all circumstances and is there, free, for the vibing.

Kitchen Love: Berkshire chefs want to comfort you

How long must we wait to get back into these Berkshire restaurants ? To be nourished and loved?

Visit the (virtual) Berkshires: The Northeast’s cultural capital moves online

The best (virtual) things to do in the Berkshires in the summer of 2020.

PERSPECTIVES: Sugar highs and lows: Local businesswoman pivots to prosper

Inside, Helfand was faced with a shuttered store that she knew deep down would need a massive renovation. Outside, along Main Street, all was crickets.

No one goes hungry: Food pantry shifts into overdrive to feed growing need

Nobody’s selling apples on the corner for a nickel yet, but you can be sure the need has never been greater — not in anyone’s memory younger than 90.

Winter nights, Winterlights: Naumkeag dazzles after dusk

Lanterns dangle, snow-capped topiaries glister and warm breath mingles with the steam of hot cocoa.

A Book Launch Sublime: Large community outpouring for Beth Robbins’ new memoir

As evidenced by the rich collaborative effort around “A Grief Sublime,” Robbins’ creative undertaking is not only defined by her personal bravery, but a tremendous community effort.

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