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Art Ames

Art Ames was a longtime Berkshire County resident and the general manager of Berkshire Co-op Market, a natural foods cooperative in Great Barrington. An avid fan of all things cultural, Art also writes music reviews and articles for Elmore Magazine, and was a former music show host on local radio station WBCR as well as WXOJ in Northampton. An advocate for community engagement, civility, and good old-fashioned common sense, he still manages to inexplicably be a slightly fanatical Red Sox fan, and for better or worse, has an opinion on just about everything.

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Don’t shoot the messenger

In his response to Ed Abrahams' letter to the editor, Art Ames states that personal relationships affect us and our decisions, whether we want them to or not.

Art Ames: A tribute to the Berkshire Co-op Market

Remain a supportive critic of the Co-op. Constructive criticism is one of the strengths they have as an organization that simply doesn’t exist often enough. In today’s economic reality, it’s easy for anyone to lose their way. The Co-op has always made decisions based on its ends. If you feel that they are swaying from what’s important, speak up loudly and go to an occasional board meeting ... the board of directors is here to represent owners’ needs.

Great Barrington needs reasoned governance, not divisive agendas

Our issues are far too important and complicated to split our town into “us” and “them.” Regardless of disagreements, “WE” have to figure it out.

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