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Ask Jenny

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By Sunday, Apr 15, 2018 Viewpoints 16

So, you maybe are asking how did this “Ask Jenny” column come to be.

Well, let me tell you.

As much as I try to do these days, I surround myself with good people. I suggest everyone have a good community around them at all times. We deserve it! Sittin’, relaxin’, chattin’ with my good peeps, they asked: “Jenn, when are going to start writing again and if you did what would you want write about this time around?”

So, deep in convo with good peeps this idea was born. People who know the True Jenn know I am very passionate about many beautiful yet crazy things in this amazing Universe and the gentle yet strong way I have in expressing how I feel life should be if I were helping run this world. Please read my bio on The Berkshire Edge; it tells you a little about Jenny that you should know.

All my good peeps said “Jenn how are you going to start this column to get people intrigued?” Good question, I replied. Since I love human beings so much and find us to be very interesting as a whole, I thought I’d start with a question about humans from childhood to wisdomhood.

When I/we get wiser what kinda crazy question would you love a child to ask about your life? The more I think about this question so many memories come flowing back — good, sad, loving, laughter, suffering, light, dark but love and light are our best memories but yet the dark and suffering memories are where we learned about our lives, lessons.

I personally would want a child to ask me about my experiences in my life. For example, what do you see in this beautiful world? What do you love to do? What makes you happy? What’s important to you? How do you get through the hard time?

I would tell them the truths of my life and not hide the pain because they need to know life is not always fair or easy. That we fall down a lot and that’s OK if you get back up and keep doing the next right thing. Life/Universe will guide you exactly right where you need to be, always! Follow your heart, listen to your gut, always and never stop chasing the gorgeous light of life that is truly out there waiting for you. Go after your passions, embrace your gifts, never stop fighting, believe in good, live simply, love, always and laugh, laugh so much till your cheeks and belly hurt! I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, questions you would like to be answered. You can email me at loveanlight80@gmail.com. Ask  me questions, my opinion on a certain topic….Can’t wait to start this journey with you all!

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  1. Ask Jenny says:

    I would want a kid to ask ‘What rules would you break if there was another chance to?
    From Matt B
    By email…
    Love this question cause I can’t think of one of didn’t break! Lol!

  2. Melissa Intravia says:

    I would want them to ask, ” what do you wish u let urself experience? How do you show more courage and learn to let yourself have these experiences?”
    And how old is this child? Lol

    1. Ask Jenny says:

      Lol, Melissa! Right, how do we get the courage for all of life? That might be a column! This child is oh, 37 just kidding. A child is never to old to be told truths it’s just how you tell, more gentle way! Thank you for reading my column!
      Much love,
      Ask Jenny ?✌️

  3. Ask Jenny says:

    What is your secret passion?
    If you could have coffee with someone from the past who would that be and why?
    Who has been the most influential person (for better or worse) in your life?
    Good luck with your column. I think is a great concept.


    1. Ask Jenny says:

      Thank you Belle!
      Love your questions, going on my list! Thanks for reading Ask Jenny!
      Much love
      Ask Jenny ✌️?

  4. Ask Jenny says:

    From a beautiful woman I’m lucky to have in my life! Love you R!
    No way! I’m so so proud of you!! Wow Jenn… keep it up girl you are one powerful force with so much love to give, I can’t tell you how happy this just made me…YAY!!!! TELL EM ALLL ABOUT WOMAN…. YOU AMAZE ME, INSPIRE ME, REMIND ME OF THE THINGS THAT ARE TRULY IMPORTANT. So thank you deeply for being such a light in this (at times) dark place. Rock on!
    Much love R
    Ask Jenny ✌️?

  5. David K Barber Jr says:

    I think the best part of the whole idea,is the fact that when the question is asked it is answered by truth! I have always believed in taking straight to my children and always let them know that they could ask me or tell me anything.

    1. Ask Jenny says:

      Thank you David!
      I believe honesty is the best so as you said than in time they will come to you with trust. Have a person they can be honest with no judgment, that also is important!
      Much love
      Ask Jenny ?✌️

  6. Caroline says:

    I love this column! Great work Jennifer!
    I totally agree with you that it is in our most difficult times that we grow the most.

    I think a great question is:
    What was a defining moment in your life? A moment that you made a big change, or made a decision that changed your life, or perhaps a certain person came into your life and had a positive impact that lead to you going in a new direction..
    I always find the answers to these questions as being so powerful and inspiring.

    Love you and love this!
    Caroline (aka Mom)

    1. Ask Jenny says:

      Oh, Momma! How I love thee! Of course you would be my biggest fan, lol! Thank you so very much! I owe a lot of my wisdom too you, you taught me so many beautiful things about life and we’ve been through hard times but we are survivors, Or as I would say “fuckin bad-ass warriors goddess’s”! I know mother watch my language…lol Trust me my mom knows my trucker mouth all too well! I love your questions and will def answer one or all in time!
      Much love
      Ask Jenny (aka daughter)

      1. Caroline says:

        Lol. Love you! Keep up the good work!

  7. Jess says:

    Jenn, how do I survive an abusive relationship with a physically mentally emotionally and verbally abusjve man?

    1. Ask Jenny says:

      Very good and hard question to answer but I will get to this question as it’s a big part of my past! You can get away and survive! I promise you this, Jess! Hold on, be strong and find people you can trust!
      Much much love
      Ask Jenny

      1. Ask Jenny says:

        I told a story about one of my situations of getting out of an abusive relationships! <3

  8. Kyle says:

    Hey Jenny what’s one person who really brought the wild side out of you???
    ……..Kyle w. Great Barrington ma.

    1. Ask Jenny says:

      Hahaha lmao!! This is a great question Kyle!! I’m not sure I can write about this one for public but I might be able to come up with at least a PG-13 version…
      Lmao Jenny!! ✌️❤️

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