Arrest Trump for manslaughter

Robert Forman insists that everyone should be equal before the law.

To the editor:

Arrest Trump for manslaughter.

Now we know. Trump knew the virus was dangerous, is communicated through the air, and is more lethal than the “strenuous flu.” Let’s hope he’s tossed out come November 3.

If he is, on January 21, 2021, the attorney general of the U.S. or of some state or states should bring him up on charges of 190,000 counts of manslaughter.

I first thought he should be tried for “criminally negligent homicide.” But the legal definition of that is: the failure to realize that your behavior is so dangerous that it could kill someone.

Certainly he failed to care. But the crime he committed is far worse. For that callous man knew he was endangering people. What he did then was  manslaughter, which is defined as an act in which someone was aware that their reckless behavior could cause the death of another person, to wit, the unnecessary death of roughly 190,000 other persons.

Trump will never take responsibility for anything. That’s obvious. But as a society we owe it to one another to insure that everyone is  equal before the law.

I say this not as a chant but as a plea: “Lock him up!”

Robert Forman
Great Barrington