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Appalled by Berkshire Museum’s sale of artwork

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By Sunday, Jul 30, 2017 Letters 3

To the Editor:

I would like to add my name to the growing number of Berkshire residents, who are appalled by the Berkshire Museum’s intention to auction off forty important works of art from it’s collection.  These works were entrusted to the museum for safe keeping and to enrich the cultural climate of our area.  This is a betrayal of that trust given to the museum by these generous donors, many of whom are no longer with us.

The building itself has exquisite exhibition spaces that can accommodate displays of both art and science. When I first came to live in Berkshire County I made many special trips to the Crane Room to view the wonderful Hudson River School paintings that are part of the collection.  Surely Van Shields and the board of trustees can find other methods of protecting the museum, it’s longevity and purpose. There is now a rapidly growing opposition to these auctions throughout the county.

Warner Friedman
Sheffield, Massachusetts

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  1. John says:

    It would seem that there simply too many museum’s out there now, and are competing with each other. Of course the special focus museum’s are free to buy the Berkshire Museam’s respective works. But of course, everybody wants something valuable for free….

    Maybe the best move is consolidation

  2. Carol Diehl says:

    Unfortunately no museums can afford these works and they will go into the private hands of the oligarchy, never to be seen by the public again. It is a tragedy for all of the Berkshires but especially the people of Pittsfield who once had these treasures within walking distance, available and inspiring to people who may never be able to afford to go to the Met — and who may never even have known that they appreciated great art until they saw it.

  3. David Harris says:

    The worst thing is that one of the Rockwells is considered his greatest painting. It will go into private hands never to be publicly seen again. The museum should raise the money they need the old fashioned way – by working for it through a capital drive. This is the lazy way out and a betrayal of their mission.

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