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Andrea Harrington brings fresh perspective, fresh leadership to D.A. race

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By Sunday, May 20, 2018 Letters 13

To the Editor:

There are times in our lives when we have the opportunity to see new paradigms that can change the community around us. One of those times is now.

There is a movement happening in the Criminal Justice System. It is sweeping the country, and our State. In fact, in spite of the objection of all but two of the Commonwealth’s DA’s offices, the Legislature recently passed, and the governor signed into law, a sweeping Criminal Justice Reform Bill. The Berkshire County District Attorney’s Office was among those signing a letter in opposition to the very popular bill.

This past week three Democratic candidates for Berkshire County District Attorney squared off in their first debate. One is the appointed heir of the previous DA.

Another is a former candidate for this office, having run once before more than a decade ago.

The candidate who most impressed me is the energetic Andrea Harrington. It was her embrace of Criminal Justice Reform (CJR) which brought her to my attention. While there is another candidate who also embraces CJR, the fresh perspective, fresh leadership, and fresh energy is clearly brought by Andrea Harrington to the Berkshire County District Attorney race.

What really stood out to me during the debate is that the Berkshire County District Attorney’s Office does not need another career prosecutor who has worked his way up through the management ranks. We do not need another DA who was appointed by the good ‘ol boy network, just to improve his chances to continue the same old same old.

The Berkshire County District Attorney position is too important.

We need a leader! It is time to elect a leader! Andrea Harrington is that leader!

The competent staff of professionals who make up the DA’s office need the fresh leadership, Energized leadership, found in someone who embraces the Criminal Justice Reform that the people of Massachusetts, and particularly, the people of Berkshire County both want and deserve. The time to embrace that change is now. This is our moment.

To the race for Berkshire County District Attorney, Andrea Harrington brings fresh perspective, fresh leadership, and fresh energy in a cause whose time has arrived.

Andrea Harrington is the right person in the right place at the right time! Support her now, and be sure to show up to vote for her on September 4th in the Democratic Primary.

And there are opportunities to come out and meet Andrea and show her your support this week at her various campaign launch events, beginning Monday night (May 21):

21 MAY18 at No. 10 Castle Street in Great Barrington from 5:30 – 8 p.m.

22 MAY18 at The Richmond Grille in North Adams from 5:30 – 8 p.m.

23 MAY18 at Patrick’s Pub in Pittsfield from 5:30 — 8 p.m.

Steve Farina

Great Barrington

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  1. Claudia d'Alessandro says:

    There IS a better way. And Harrington is IT!

  2. Brian Tobin says:

    Andrea Harrington is the person for the job. I ask everyone to show up to vote for her in September.

  3. Liza Kay says:

    After her failed attempt at the state senate and with her lack of any track record as a prosecutor she seems like someone who’s skipping the necessary steps. Just wanting to win an office is not enough.

    1. Shirley says:

      She is a career attorney, which vast and diverse experiences and knowledge.

    2. Shirley Edgerton says:

      She is a career attorney, with vast and diverse experiences and knowledge.

      1. Liza Kay says:

        Yes, and I am a doctor of philosophy, would you mind if I removed your tonsils?

      2. Steve Farina says:

        Liza, by your statements the candidates should have all won a State Senate seat as a necessary step in attaining the Office of Berkshire County District Attorney. You also state that having a track record as a prosecutor is also a required qualification (necessary step). Neither of these statements are true.
        I won’t even touch the nonsensical “senate” comment.
        Andrea Harrington brings fresh perspective to the race (it is an ELECTED position, not appointed). She brings fresh energy, and when ELECTED, Andrea Harrington will bring fresh leadership to the Berkshire County District Attorney’s Office.
        The fact that she has not spent 28 years in a rut, doing the same legal exercise day in and day out, and actually brings a DIVERSE view of the Criminal Justice System makes her MORE qualified to lead.
        Andrea Harrington has a full understanding and appreciation for the impact the DA’s office has on individuals and families.
        While Andrea fully recognizes that there are violent offenders and other criminal elements who must be put in jail to keep them off the streets, she also sees the injustice in sending people to jail needlessly. This is a big part of where the Criminal Justice Reform, which she actively supports, comes in.
        As a licensed, practicing attorney Andrea Harrington brings broad experience to the race. Your analogy of a doctor of philosophy being a medical doctor is disingenuous at best.

        It is time for a change. It is time for the full embrace of Criminal Justice Reform. It is time for Fresh perspective, Fresh energy, and Fresh Leadership in the Berkshire County District Attorney’s Office.
        It is time to elect Andrea Harrington!

  4. Sara says:

    I agree, she is an extreme lightweight. We can’t afford to have a person running the DA’s office who has less experience than the most junior attorney.

    1. Sara says:

      The way Capeless/and Caccaviello plotted the start of this is criminal unethical and simply disgusting…We need change in Berkshire County and it’s happening these goons will be swept out in September…

  5. Sara says:

    It’s stunning that @steve equates the job of state senator, a completely political job, with that of the DA as chief prosecutor and law enforcement official. Considering he is so adamantly supporting a candidate he should at least know what the DA does. Oh wait, his candidate doesn’t either.

    1. Steve Farina says:

      I did not equate them , Liza did “After her failed attempt at the state senate … she seems like someone who’s skipping the necessary steps”.
      Perhaps you should read my letter, and comment again.
      It definitely seems that when one’s position cannot be justified they turn to personal attacks

  6. Liza Kay says:

    My point was simply about qualifications. Do you think any would-be politician is qualified to be Pittsfield police chief? Or even fire chief? This is not a sit in the office kind of job.

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