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David Scribner

A view of the sky (and stars) at Mt. Everett

By Friday, Nov 20, 2015 Learning

Is this a scene from the movie, ‘The Martian,’ with astronauts repairing their damaged space capsule while it floats in orbit above the Red Planet?

Not quite. It’s a crew rebuilding the skylight above the lobby at Mt. Everett Regional High School, part of the $3.8 million roof replacement project.

Tuesday evening (November 17) around 6 p.m., with a clear dark sky gleaming with stars above them, workmen were putting the final touches on the skylight.

“Both that skylight and the one in the high school library were replaced as part of the roof project,” explained Carl Stewart chairman of the Southern Berkshire Regional School District School Committee.  “They look better, will last longer, and save energy.”

That something so routine as a skylight should resemble a portal to the mysterious beyond is not surprising for Mt. Everett High School, that prides itself on innovative educational opportunities and a world-class robotics team.

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