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A public lament for the Berkshire Food Co-op

By Thursday, Aug 29, 2019 Letters 26

To the editor:

The Berkshire Food Co-op, in its original intent, can no longer be considered a cooperative market. The foundational tenets of the Co-op — supporting community and employees, in essence — have been obliterated.

A proper mourning is in order for what once was. Those of us who valued the heart of the Co-op know what is lost.

The Co-op’s demise is evident in the generic, sterile, impersonal, unintegrated physical space; in the substrate tone and atmosphere; in the current autocratic policies. Most significantly, it is evident that no responsible guardian governing body existed to shepherd the Co-op securely into an expanded version of its humanitarian, moral, principled autonomous functioning.

Thank you with all my heart to the remaining caring, diligent employees who are the last heartbeat of the best of the Co-op. I wish that you travel safely and well in your journeys.

It is evident that any employee acting from a finely tuned moral compass with genuine care for the autonomy and greater good of people and the Earth must be aware. You are most dispensable to the current corporate “greed-regime,” controlling in its self-serving agenda.

Personally I lament this unfortunate passage.

Cynthia H. Felleisen

The writer is an owner of the Berkshire Food Co-op.