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A Harrington-led DA office would reduce domestic, sexual violence

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By Thursday, Aug 30, 2018 Letters 6

To the editor:

Why do I choose Andrea Harrington for district attorney?

As a teen, there was a dark period in my life where I was subject to sexual and physical violence. During that time and for many years after, I was left broken and confused. I struggled with depression and anxiety, even having thoughts of suicide. It was not an easy path to follow.

Unfortunately, my story is not all that unique. Nationally, more than one in three women have experienced sexual violence, physical abuse and/or stalking in their lifetimes. And in the Berkshires, it is no different. The Elizabeth Freeman Center serves around 3,000 victims of sexual and physical abuse each year. Our per capita restraining orders are 37 percent higher than the state average, and approximately one in three homicides are domestic violence homicides.

We need to do better.

Andrea Harrington will prioritize and aggressively prosecute dangerous offenders of sexual and domestic violence, as well as offer counseling for victims during and after the legal process. A DA’s office led by Andrea Harrington will be survivor-centered and trauma-informed. With education, advocacy and community outreach, we can reduce domestic and sexual violence in the Berkshires, but we need the right district attorney to help get us there.

As a survivor, I am asking you to join me in voting for Andrea Harrington on Sept. 4.

Helen Moon

The writer is a Pittsfield City Councilor.

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  1. Sara says:

    It’s outrageous to see Pittsfield city councilors use their positions to support a DA candidate that has complained of our “tough-on-crime, lock-em-up approach,” on this site, then try to garner support among south county voters who live in secure areas and don’t have to worry about high crime. And by the way, those restraining orders that are 37% higher than the state average? That’s a good thing! The DA’s office assists in getting them and it’s part of prevention. Please educate yourself. And if you want do your job, push for increased funding and staffing of the Pittsfield police department.

  2. Mary says:

    Totally agree Sara. It is absolutely off base that sitting elected officials are using their positions in this way. The most outrageous is Tricia Farley Bouvier – and she got caught. Following closely is Linda Tyer and John Krol, among others, whom have acted totally inappropriately as elected “officials” and I hope everyone remembers this at election time. I’m sure there are a number of ethics complaints in the works for these folks.

    1. Jerry L. says:

      Maybe you should pay attention to how the endorsement game works. Or do you have the same criticisms for the sitting public officials who have endorsed Caccaviello?

  3. peter greer says:

    I applaud the councilor for articulating why she endorses a particular candidate . You may wish to mute or stifle elected officials from disclosing their thinking and preferences regarding elections but I’d rather encourage it .I’ll remember at election time and give them my vote.

  4. Sara says:

    Pittsfield City Councilors Krol, Clairmont and Moon are not just giving their endorsements as other councilors have, they are running the Harrington campaign and have been spreading lies and misinformation for months. Farley-Bouvier tried to drive Knight out of the race in exchange for a job. There’s an ethical line some of us cannot tolerate.

  5. peter greer says:

    In addition , and this is intended for both Sara and Mary ,its a bit bizarre that you totally ignore the specific topic of her letter which she generously shares to enhance public safely. I suggest you dial your election anger down a bit and read it again. Alternatively why don’t you write your own lte and address the issues important to you .

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