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EDGE WISE: Free speech trumps hate speech

What a month it’s been! In just the past couple of weeks, the Pope made a passionate argument underscoring the need for humans to...

EDGE WISE: Another summer, another mass murder  

Today, I am grieving the beautiful souls gunned down in their place of worship, where they were working together to build a better world.

EDGE WISE: The multi-talented 21st century American dad

The American working world is rarely family-friendly. The Pew study found that “16 percent of working mothers and 15 percent of working fathers say it is very difficult” to balance the responsibilities of work and family life.

EDGE WISE: ‘Heroine’s Journey,’ answering the call of sacred theater

I awoke on the morning of January 1, 2013 — New Year’s Day — with what one might consider an unusual question. "What can...

EDGE WISE: Peering beneath the mask of masculinity

The film, ‘The Mask You Live In,’ establishes clear connections between what one expert called “the pandemic of violence in America” and the repressed anger and hurt of boys and young men, as well as a narrow definition of masculinity that equates “being a man” with physical force, sexual conquest, and economic success.

EDGE WISE: It’s On Us — Reflections on campus sexual assault

College-aged women are four times more likely than any other age group to face sexual assault and in 90 percent of reported cases, the victim is acquainted with his or her attacker.

EDGE WISE: Waging peace, not war, on Memorial Day

Now, as never before, we have an opportunity to come together as a global society to wage peace in the name of survival…and beyond survival, prosperity. It will take ordinary people like you and me acting each in our own locales.

EDGE WISE: Why can’t we all be trans?  

In the 21st century, we have the opportunity to break out of gendered limitations and move on to a better personhood. Women can bring their listening and cooperative values to men, and men can bring their courage and confidence to women.

EDGE WISE: Mother’s Day reflections

This Mother’s Day, by all means shower your mother with flowers, chocolates, and love. But let’s also think more deeply about the tremendous contribution mothers make every single day, and how we might work together to ease their burdens and give them the recognition and rewards they so heartily deserve.

EDGE WISE: Perilous times for humankind

Disasters make us wake up and realize all over again how precious life is, and how important health and security are to human happiness. Even here in the placid Berkshires, we need to think about disaster prevention and preparedness. No, we don’t live in an earthquake zone, and no, I don’t see any riots on the horizon in quiet little Great Barrington. But there are some big issues brewing that we do need to be paying attention to now, before they become runaway disasters.

EDGE WISE: Eco-cinema and environmental awareness

I can understand that food waste is a problem, and look at a statistic and tell you that it is terrible, but once I am confronted with images of the sheer magnitude of piles of wasted food and the story of people who tried to make a difference, that is when I have to take a look in the mirror and really consider taking action.

EDGE WISE: The future is ours to create…or destroy

Can anyone doubt that climate change is real and upon us, already melting the glaciers, acidifying the oceans, and setting off droughts, floods and storms of Biblical proportions? The question is, now that we are aware, what are we to do?

EDGE WISE: Happy holidays? Yes, happy holidays

I hope that this holiday season and throughout the year, we remember that giving can begin with how emotionally generous we are to ourselves. If we each take a deep breath and remember this, everyone else in our lives will feel the beautiful effects of that most important generosity.

EDGE WISE: What’s in a gift? Considering generosity in the holiday season

Since joining the Generosity Economy, I’ve been spending less money — especially on food and clothing. But I’ve also changed the way I approach purchasing things in general. I think longer before simply buying something new, asking myself, Do I really need this thing? How much is it worth to me? Is this something my community can provide?

EDGE WISE: Shopping the winter blues away  

I love to give gifts, especially when they’re handmade by some of my talented women friends. What follows is a decidedly idiosyncratic list of some of the local woman-run craft businesses that are high on my list for holiday gifts.

EDGE WISE: Breaking Free: A Winter’s Tale

You hold an unsullied, childish notion that your soul, once breaking free of mortal restraint, will move on the wings of wind in the company of Dolly and other beloved creatures who have left the Earth.

EDGE WISE: Yearning in the age of bling

The more we gawk at $2,000 handbags, the less mental space we have for thinking about people who don’t have anything to put in a handbag.

EDGE WISE: A family Thanksgiving in the age of dietary restrictions

You may have spotted me last week at the grocery store. I was the woman reading the tiny ingredients on the food labels with a magnifying glass.

EDGE WISE: Are Lesbians Gay? Signposts on road to citizenship

I like being called a lesbian. “Lesbian” sounds so cool, so special, and so different that I choose it for myself. Because I am different, and because words matter.

EDGE WISE: What we show up for: Reflections on small town organizing  

While community service really does start at home, it just can’t end there. So I’m going to show up for my family as best I can. But I’m also going to drag them to protests.