Real Estate

Elegant Southern Berkshire Colonial

Friday, Dec 15 - Built in 1800, this beautiful estate takes you back in history. Once a farmhouse, country manor, and B&B this property offers much potential. With its beautiful views and incredible lighting, it awaits the next chapter...

A 1980s Makeover

Friday, Dec 15 - The 1980’s were known for many things -- Madonna, MTV and an overall aesthetic of “more is never enough”. This farmhouse, built in the 80s, was no exception. After renovation by Red House Design, the house combines the traditional farmhouse look with modern open-plan living. The 80s are at rest.

Onota lakefront home with expansion possibilities

Friday, Dec 8 - With over 100 feet of water frontage on one of the Berkshires' finest lakes, our "Property of the Week" offers tranquility like only a waterfront property can. Uninterrupted views give the home a very private feel, even though it's only a few minutes from downtown Pittsfield.

Great Barrington Properties

Friday, Dec 8 - Great Barrington offers its residents the beauty of the Berkshires with the conveniences of everyday life- a cultural "hub" in the Berkshires! Home to The Berkshire Edge, "What's on the Market" this week explores Great Barrington.

Taming your inner “Stuff Monkey”

Thursday, Nov 30 - The incessant pressure to buy, collect and acquire puts us in a state of “clutter-induced stress”. Interior designer Erica Fay offers suggestions to stop you from acting like a "Stuff Monkey."

Convenient Contemporary in Great Barrington

Thursday, Nov 30 - This property of the week offers both complete privacy and amazing convenience! Not a single other home in sight, yet lively downtown Great Barrington is only five minutes away. This is a home that has seen much love and happiness.