Praise for Morven Allen

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To the editor:

Thank you Jamie Paxton for the article about Morven Allen and his inspiring Balsam Hill Farm. I think your readers would be interested in knowing that not only is Morven thoroughly committed to providing quality organic milk but he cares about his cows and those who work for him. He is also one of the most humble, hard-working man I’ve met. And those of us lucky enough to know him know how extraordinarily generous he is.

Mickey Friedman
Great Barrington

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  1. Carol McGlinchey says:

    Thanks, Mickey, for acknowledging Morven Allen. He’s one of our unsung heros, a farmer who deeply cares about the land, animals and people and is quietly making a difference in the world. He’s a hardworking guy who contributes to the Berkshire economy in a positive and life sustaining way. Thanks, Morven, for all that you do.

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