Trinity Church’s brave stance on immigrants

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To the Editor:

I was touched by Trinity Church’s brave and righteous sign (“Signs of the Times”) and by Rabbi Neil Hirsch’s inspiring response to it (“Letter to the Editor”).

They make me think that the time has come for all of us to take the next courageous step of declaring our houses of worship in Great Barrington as safe havens for undocumented immigrants who are at risk of deportation. Many churches and synagogues around the country have already done this.

I realize this is a difficult endeavor and not without risk, but such is the nature of truly courageous acts.

Could the clergy of Great Barrington gather together and discuss this? Perhaps it could be done collaboratively. I do know that a great number of us of all faiths would be willing to do our  part in helping to make this happen.

Daniel Klein

Great Barrington

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  1. Steve Farina says:

    Bringing your politics to church and using exogenous interpretation of your Holy Scriptures to back you up….seems many in the clergy today have no problem doing this…it could be another way to tickle the ears and tug on the wallets of the parishoners…you shouldn’t have too much trouble making something like this happen…unless, of course, an exegetical discussion of the full counsel of those Scriptures is employed

  2. Kathleen Williams says:

    We should get to work on this right away before all the houses of worship become retail spaces.

    1. Sharon says:

      Or restaurants!

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