EDGECAST VIDEO: Women’s March in NY: This Pussy Grabs Back

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By Friday, Jan 27 Edgecasts  7 Comments

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  1. Maria Nation says:

    Fantastic, Ben! Loved the “Berkshire Edge helicopter shot.” It was a spectacular day of democracy in action.

    Just days later (yesterday, in fact) this new president ordered a blackout of all information coming out of the Environmental Protection Agency (which we, the people, pay for by the way) and has threatened to ramp up his war on the press by evicting them their traditional White House office. I am glad Ben Hillman was able to document this historic march before our Tyrant in Chief clamps down on our right to peacefully assemble and/or the right of the press to document it.

    1. Maria Nation says:

      Fascism in America is moving quickly. (Did we really think it couldn’t happen here?)

      Here is news of journalists getting arrested for covering the protests at the Inauguration.


  2. Joyce Scheffey says:

    Delicious Video. I want to see it in Very Slow Motion. So many Tiny Glimpses of Beloved Cohorts! Can I????

  3. You Can Call Me Shays. Mr Shays says:

    Gah. What a toad in a hole Trump is, but we knew that already.

  4. Joyce Scheffey says:

    Delicious video. I want to see it again in Slo Mo ….. so many enticing mere glimpses of beloved cohorts. Can I?

  5. Anthony Ehrlich says:

    Hey, you go, Edge, go!

  6. Julie Summers says:

    Brilliant. We absolutely stand by you and hope that your voices will be heard. Keep going with classy videos like that!

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