District needs a ‘clear’ vision of 21st century education

Wednesday, Nov 5 - In his letter, David Long of Housatonic writes: "This is not a time for the opposition to gloat, or the pro side to be discouraged. Yes one opportunity has been rejected. But now we have a new opportunity to do something even better."

Supt. Dillon responds to misinformation, sets record straight

Friday, Oct 31 - In his letter, Berkshire Hills Supt. Peter Dillon writes: "Recent posts on social media, letters and comments on radio programs are so filled with inaccuracies and glaring omissions that it makes sense to set the record straight. Our recent community dialogues about the high school renovation project have surfaced a range of concerns that may have been ignored for decades. We’re working hard to resolve them and are making significant progress."

Editorial: Vote ‘Yes’ to fix the high school

Thursday, Oct 30 - If Great Barrington is to have a future as good as its past, it must embrace the new industries that are springing up, and the new people who are coming to town to participate in them. These new people are attracted by a town where the institutions of American civic life still function, where they can get their children a first-rate public education for their property tax dollars.

A high school upgraded for the next generation of students

Thursday, Oct 30 - In his letter Berkshire Hills Superintendent Peter Dillon writes: "Doing the project as presented addresses the school’s inadequacies in systematic and deliberate ways that actually will cost us less than doing it piecemeal. It gives us a wonderful space for learning for the next fifty years."

The other ‘No’ vote risks

Wednesday, Oct 29 - In her letter, Ellen Lahr of Housatonic writes: "I’m willing to pitch in $218 per year to create a safe, healthy and collaborative learning environment for our district’s teachers and students. I surely support that $23.2 million in school construction funds that the state is ready to send our way."

Jeremy Higa for School Committee

Monday, Oct 27 - In their letter, Gene Kalish and Anne Hutchinson write: "Just as he has dedicated himself to his family and their education, we believe that he will dedicate himself to the betterment of the school district."

School renovation an investment in economic development

Friday, Oct 24 - In her letter, Leigh Davis, a member of the Great Barrington Finance Committee, notes: "One of the best and most compelling ways to attract young parents to come to or stay in Berkshire County is to have schools that are attractive and desirable for their kids to attend."

67 teachers, staff endorse high school renovation

Thursday, Oct 23 - The teachers write: "We believe that the proposed renovation will dramatically improve the building's use as an educational tool, both in design and function, for the next 50+ years. The renovated MMRHS will create a safe and healthy learning environment."

‘Taxed out of town’ if renovation approved

Wednesday, Oct 22 - In her letter, Patricia Ryan states: "Many of us are frugal New Englanders trying to take care of ourselves as best we can. We repair our homes as needed. We make do."

Don’t be deceived: We need to invest in education

Monday, Oct 20 - Jon Piasecki of West Stockbridge writes: "The claim that some random person can design it better than the thoughtful professionals who have worked for years on this renovation is a lie. The claim that it will be cheaper to do nothing and let the school rot is a lie."