What I really said — and why I now support the Monument renovation

Friday, Oct 17 - Most of the costs of the renovation plan are actually repair and code-upgrade costs. No realistic scenario can avoid paying the principal costs of sustaining that building, sooner or later. in the meantime that building is going to need work, probably starting with that expensive roof. Postponing decisions about facilities ... means educating a generation of students in a decaying building.

The time is now to renovate Monument Mountain High School

Friday, Oct 17 - In her letter urging support for the proposed Monument Mountain High School renovation Corey Sprague of Stockbridge argues: "We are talking about making serious and significant upgrades to a school and education system that has served our community well and is now showing its age."

No magic wand for school renovation

Wednesday, Oct 8 - In the actual world we live in with the actual options before us, there is no better option available than the one on the ballot. That is true financially (for which we have facts and numbers) and educationally (for which I am trusting the educators, administrators and community volunteers who worked on the plan for the past eight years).  

School renovation planning conducted in public meetings

Monday, Oct 6 - "What is untrue and troubling is the accusations that anyone representing Monument Matters or the District lied or hid any option from the public." -- Stephen C. Bannon, chairman of the Berkshire Hills School Committee

High school renovation proposal is ‘sane, sound, intelligent’

Monday, Oct 6 - In her letter, Julia Erickson of Housatonic calls on voters in the Berkshire Hills School District to wake up to the real need to renovate Monument Mountain High School: "By not investing now, when we have this incredible opportunity to get almost HALF the cost of this project paid for by the state of Massachusetts, is foolish. We will not have this opportunity again for a decade or more."

Invest in our children’s future; invest in renovation

Thursday, Oct 2 - Dr. Mark Sprague of Stockbridge writes: "I urge the voting community of Berkshire Hills Regional School District to make sure that they have all the necessary information they need to make an informed decision and to vote proactively on Election Day for our children's future and renovate Monument Mountain High School."

There are viable alternatives for high school renovation

Thursday, Oct 2 - Great Barrington resident David Long explains why his 'Draft Alternative Plan' to the proposed renovation of Monument Mountain Regional High School explores viable options not considered by the Berkshire Hills Building Committee.

‘Alternative approach’ to Monument renovation is fatally flawed

Wednesday, Oct 1 - Richard Coons, chair of the Monument Mountain Regional High School Building Committee advises that the so-called Alternative Approach to Renovating Monument "reflects a lack of knowledge of virtually every aspect of law, building planning, design, construction and educational program needs."

‘True’ story of Barrington Bigfoot

Tuesday, Sep 30 - The first printed account of a sighting of a Berkshire County “creature” was published in 1765. It took place at a particular spot in Great Barrington, near what is now Town Hall.

Misinformation distorts the real need for high school renovation

Monday, Sep 29 - Berkshire Hills Regional School Committee member Rich Bradway deplores the misinformation and what he terms outright lies being circulated about the reasons for the proposed renovation of Monument Regional High School. He sets the record straight.

An affair to remember in Lenox Dale

Tuesday, Sep 23 - In the nineteenth century, white-cappers ganged together to intimidate debauchers, adulterers, wife-beaters, and the indolent. Their targets changed but not their methods. They favored tar and feathers.

Letter from Paris

Monday, Sep 22 - How many of the discerning sophisticates reading this month's Letter From Paris know the interesting history of Jeanne Louise Calment?

The grand dames of Berkshire music

Monday, Sep 15 - Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge built a concert hall on her property with 500 seats and outstanding fine acoustics. It was 1918 and the Berkshire Music Festival at South Mountain, Pittsfield, was born.