Historic AME Zion Church needs continued support

Monday, Dec 5 - In their letter to the editor, Wray and Cora Gunn write: “It is an important piece of architecture, but it is so much more. It has been the political and spiritual home of Great Barrington's Black community for over 130 years.”

Nationwide, PTAs can unite to oppose racism, sexism, xenophobia

Tuesday, Nov 22 - In her letter to the editor, Tiffany Wilding-White writes: “Our children are growing up in a world where many human rights on which America was built are in peril: clean air and water, safe schools, equal rights for women, minorities, and immigrants.”

Dear White Friend

Wednesday, Nov 16 - I want you to think about what it feels like to me that so many of my fellow Americans hate me, and that I have no idea why. That I have no clue as to what we ever did to deserve this.

The fast track to waking up

Tuesday, Nov 15 - In her letter to the editor, Sharon Coleman writes of the election: "I’ve been shaken. I feel a sick lump of terror that kind of comes and goes. I have worked on calming and caring for myself."

After Trump, is this land still our land?

Thursday, Nov 10 - In her letter to the editor, Dawn Lane of Stockbridge, Mass. asks: “How did our need for change get twisted and land on a platform of hate, xenophobia, and ignorance?”

Mother Nature’s already voted

Tuesday, Nov 8 - In his letter to the editor, Robert Connors writes: “I think that as a nation, we are slowly witnessing a simultaneous undercurrent of a Phoenix-like rebirth.”

BHRSD School Committee member seeks re-election

Monday, Nov 7 - In his letter to the editor, BHRSD School Committee candidate Rich Dohoney writes: "If working families like mine our going to continue to live here, we must continue to keep the quality of the education high while keeping the costs reasonable for taxpayers. This will not be easy."

It’s time for Pittsfield to say ‘yes’ to CPA

Saturday, Nov 5 - In her letter to the editor, Sara Clement writes: "The Community Preservation Act is a piece of legislation that actually does what it says. It preserves communities. It preserves neighborhood fabric."

David vs. Goliath: Christine Canning vs. Adam Hinds

Saturday, Nov 5 - In her letter to the editor Kathryn Mickle writes: "Christine [Canning] supports the second amendment and is concerned about the AG’s overreach. She has the endorsement of GOAL and an 'A' rating with the NRA."

Why choose the lesser of two evils?

Friday, Nov 4 - In his letter to the editor, Tom Sirois of Stockbridge writes: "At this time, I am NOT voting for either mainstream candidates because by doing so, I am endorsing the way our government is run."

Protect public schools: Vote no on Question 2

Thursday, Nov 3 - In her letter to the editor, Rebecca Gold of Great Barrington writes: “If Question #2 passes, more charter schools will be allowed to open and millions of taxpayer money will be siphoned away from our public schools.”

Anne Hutchinson endorsed for BHRSD School Committee

Thursday, Nov 3 - In his letter to the editor, Chuck Gillett writes: “Anne has lived in the Berkshires for 38 years, has worked for most of those years as a pediatric nurse practitioner. Her children have attended schools in the Berkshire Hills School District.”