Letter to editor: New Berkshire Co-op design is flawed

Tuesday, Jan 31 - In her letter to the editor, Beth Carlson writes: “This looks like a big supermarket store. The design does not incorporate the concept of a community gathering place, one of the essential functions of the Co-op.”

Berkshire Theatre Group supports Four Freedoms Coalition protests

Sunday, Jan 29 - In her letter to the editor, Kate Maguire of the Berkshire Theatre Group writes: “There cannot be boundaries in the arts. We do not discriminate. Our buildings are sanctuaries for everyone to tell their stories. We do not discriminate in which stories we will tell, which culture we may seek to know.”

Public service runs in the family

Sunday, Jan 22 - In his letter to the editor, State Rep. William 'Smitty' Pignatelli writes: "Because our parents taught us that public service is part of the responsibility of citizenship, my siblings and I followed their example all the way to the White House.

Please vote to create the Great Barrington Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Thursday, Jan 19 - In his letter to the editor, Great Barrington Selectboard member Bill Cooke writes: “Many people choose to live here for that certain ‘small town’ quality of life. The problem is, that small town lifestyle is evaporating, as our local population is being priced out.”

Large turnout needed to support education finance reform

Wednesday, Jan 18 - In his letter to the editor Chip Elitzer writes: "By changing the method of apportionment from a pupil headcount basis to an assessed property value basis, this act would improve the finances of every regional school district, especially BHRSD's."

May sounds of music reawaken dormant Housatonic School

Monday, Jan 16 - In her letter to the editor, Ruth Heuberger writes: "Imagine the sounds of music that might fill the vacant and sturdy old school in the center of Housatonic if it were bought by one of the many prominent musicians who have made their name, good fortune, and even their temporary or permanent home here."

Dr. King was one of many civil rights leaders

Friday, Jan 13 - In her letter Susan Triolo writes: “The modern Civil Rights Movement truly began when Black soldiers came back from World War II to a country where they still faced vicious racial discrimination.”

Fighting for the Four Freedoms

Monday, Jan 9 - In her letter to the editor, Tela Zasloff of Williamstown writes: “My husband was a World War II veteran, awarded the Purple Heart … We have to keep it up, defending democracy during the next years of the new presidential administration.”

A message of thanks on behalf of youth and history

Friday, Dec 30 - In his letter to the editor Will Conklin writes: “Greenagers has worked since 2009 to engage teens and young adults in meaningful work in environmental conservation, sustainable farming, and natural resource management.”

Many people played Santa this year for Berkshire children

Sunday, Dec 18 - In his letter to the editor, state Rep. William ‘Smitty’ Pignatelli writes: “When the Boston Red Sox heard that 1,700 Berkshire kids needed Christmas presents, they put David Price, their star pitcher, on the job.”

In praise of Polly Pierce

Wednesday, Dec 14 - In his letter to the editor Stewart Eedelstein writes: “For three decades, Polly's extensive knowledge of the town and its people was a valuable resource for authors, historians, and inquisitive citizens.” 

Misconceptions clarified about Berkshire Education Task Force

Thursday, Dec 8 - In his letter to the editor, John Hockridge writes: “Berkshire County Education Task Force remains neutral and takes no stand on school building projects, school consolidation efforts, and regionalization efforts at the school district level.”

Historic AME Zion Church needs continued support

Monday, Dec 5 - In their letter to the editor, Wray and Cora Gunn write: “It is an important piece of architecture, but it is so much more. It has been the political and spiritual home of Great Barrington's Black community for over 130 years.”