Former selectman endorses Stanton for GB board

Wednesday, May 6 - In a letter to the editor, Dr. Alan Inglis writes: "Sean is a clear, forceful thinker who earns the respect of all who work with him. As an innovative young farmer, he brings unique insight to his Board work . . . and a proven ability to put in the necessary hours."

Stockbridge Selectboard needs to rein in Police Department  

Tuesday, May 5 - In his letter to the editor, B.C. Smith writes: "Here in Stockbridge, a purged police force is annoying residents with Woop-Woop BEEP bip-bip BWEEP and various imaginary dangers. The Stockbridge Select Board risks losing its way."

Volunteers invited to join school district task forces

Tuesday, May 5 - In his letter to the editor, Berkshire Hills Regional School District Superintendent Peter Dillon writes: "In the coming months, the School Committee will start recruiting participants to serve on task forces to look at educational vision, funding and facilities. A few months later, the School Committee hopes to form a regional amendment committee to look at how the District is organized."

Property tax reform is the credible way to reduce tax burden

Monday, May 4 - In his letter to the editor, Michael Wise writes: “Based on my five years of close involvement in the details of this town’s government, and 40 years of direct involvement in other government and private sector organizations, it’s my judgment that we are unlikely to come up with efficiencies or consolidations that could significantly reduce the town’s budget without making significant cuts in the quality and quantity of public services.”

Impressive, competent leaders in Great Barrington

Monday, May 4 - In his letter to the editor, Bob Norris of Great Barrington writes: "Please join with me in supporting Walter "Bud" Atwood and Eugene "Will" Curletti for Finance Committee, and Sean Stanton and Bill Cooke for the Selectboard."

Christensen best candidate for Great Barrington Selectboard

Monday, May 4 - In his letter to the editor, Thomas Blauvelt states: "Karen [Christensen] respects people with different points of view and seeks to build consensus around issues. She fosters teamwork and welcomes everyone to participate in the process."

Candidate Bill Cooke endorses residential exemption — not split rate — tax reform

Sunday, May 3 - Reducing taxes on most of the homes in town is not going to reduce real estate values in a way that should concern anyone. It is going to make the town more affordable. My concern is with the families who live and work in town. The police officers, the firefighters, teachers and the people who plow and maintain our roads, the people who work in the shops and restaurants, in the hospital and the nursing homes — without them this town could not function.

Great Barrington Town Meeting: Support the school budget. Reject the nonsense

Sunday, May 3 - In his letter to the editor, Selectboard member Ed Abrahams writes: "The citizens petitions all sound reasonable but every one of them proposes something that has already been done, is being done, or would require changes in state law or actions by another town that are beyond our power. They offer “solutions” to problems that don’t exist."

In support of Cooke, Stanton & Curletti in Great Barrington elections

Sunday, May 3 - In his letter to the editor, Craig Okerstrom-Lang writes: "All of these candidates will continue to keep our Town’s bond rating at a very high-favorable level by being careful about how Town funds are allocated for various improvement projects, staffing, our police department, our fire department, etc."

Tax reform proposals could discourage business investment

Saturday, May 2 - In her letter to the editor, Dana Dapolito writes: "In a nutshell, this plan shifts the tax burden from lower-priced residential properties to more expensive homes, commercial properties and second-home owners through the use of a “Residential Exemption.” I think this plan is shortsighted and not suited to a small rural town such as Great Barrington."

Great Barrington Main Street revival is at hand

Saturday, Apr 4 - About the removal of flowering pear trees from Great Barrington's Main Street, Cindy Caminiti writes: "It is never easy to give up what one has known. But change is life, even if what is changing was beautiful. The broken water lines, pot holes and crashing branches were not."

Elitzer responds to School Committee’s deferral of his proposed revision of district agreement  

Friday, Mar 20 - In his letter to the Berkshire Hills School Committee, after the Committee declined to take action at this point on his proposed district funding formula, Chip Elitzer writes: "The fact that a $1,000 unit of property abutting the GB/Stockbridge line on the GB side is going to pay $9.87 next fiscal year, while a $1,000 unit on the other side of the line is going to pay $3.28 is – in my opinion – an embarrassment for the most liberal county in the most liberal state in the country."

Dear BHRSD School Committee: Amend now

Monday, Mar 16 - The support of the three towns for this amendment will assure us that spending time and money on revising the entire District Agreement would be worthwhile. So let's get it on the warrants now, build voter awareness of the issue, and see where we stand.

The dawning of the Berkshire Hills ‘District Spring’?

Tuesday, Mar 10 - In his letter to the editor, Housatonic resident Dave Long writes: "It is absolutely imperative that the School Committee demonstrate tangible progress in securing the health and well being of the district before town meeting season. While the process continues to open up, the Committee needs to formally establish the path to reform."

A modest proposal for funding Berkshire Hills public schools

Saturday, Mar 7 - In his letter to the editor and to the Berkshire Hills Regional School Committee, Chip Elitzer writes: "Let's also remember what public education is about. Do we tell a family with ten school-age children living in a modest home that they must pay higher taxes than a childless couple living on a grand estate? Of course not."