Notes from afar

Saturday, Feb 25 - Reflections from Belle Fox-Martin, including the poem “Bath Time.”

Selectboard should limit airport operations to current status

Thursday, Feb 23 - In a letter to the editor, Phil Timpane writes: “In light of the possibility of future expansions, about which the applicants have been less than forthcoming, it is imperative that the board carefully scrutinize the current application in order to safeguard the residential character of the neighborhood.”

Legislative pay raise is unwarranted, unethical

Wednesday, Feb 22 - In her letter to the editor, Rachel Branch writes: "No one ought to be legislating better pay and benefits for themselves while being part of the outrageous conflict of interest."

Jack Spencer, a devoted friend of Stockbridge Library

Tuesday, Feb 21 - In her letter to the editor, Katherine O’Neil writes: “We will forever be indebted to him for sharing his commitment to and enthusiasm for learning, books, and history with us.  Jack Spencer represented the very best of us and will be sorely missed.” 

From crisis to opportunity for our students

Thursday, Feb 16 - In her letter to the editor, Sharon Gregory of Great Barrington writes: “Town officials and school committee members should open discussions with other towns in order to create an expanded regional high school district.”

ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage

Wednesday, Feb 15 - After the press conference, reporters followed Trump to the elevators in Trump Tower, and Trump told them: No, no one on his team had any contact with the Russians.