Saturday, Jan 20 - In Buddhist teachings there is a practice of 'simply' saying 'yes' to whatever arises in our experience. It is a practice of being with things as they are.

Thank you, President Trump

Monday, Jan 15 - They say a movement starts with a whisper. Well, people are shouting now throughout the world, despite the president and his cronies.

Shrinking the sanctuaries and ‘the last Trump’

Monday, Jan 8 - Now whatever was gained in the past is being lost at record speed, with neither Trump nor Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke showing any interest in being a good steward of the Almighty’s creation.

A new way home

Friday, Jan 5 - It’s January 5, 2018 and depending on your perspective we are all either hopelessly lost or we are all on the road together.

Beware developers bearing gifts

Friday, Jan 5 - In her letter Anita Schwerner writes: “Along with many in Stockbridge, I was bamboozled by what happened with Elm Court. Our attention has now turned to out-of-town developers who claim to know what is best for Stockbridge.”

ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage

Wednesday, Jan 3 - The language was reminiscent of Mr. Trump’s boast during the 2016 presidential campaign that his hands, and by extension his genitals, were in fact big enough.

WordXWord celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.

Thursday, Dec 28 - In his letter to the editor, William Yehle writes: “WordXWord encourages poets to accept a greater role in the cultural landscape, to provoke and bear witness, to use their voice to advocate for social justice, to act as agents of change.”

Open enrollment: Notes from the front lines of health care coverage

Wednesday, Dec 27 - The Affordable Care Act’s subsidized health care should be viewed by our nation’s leaders as an investment – not a cost – in the health and wellness of everyone. My clients are employed, hardworking Berkshire county residents who are without access to workplace insurance.