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TRANSFORMATIONS: A lake house metamorphosis in three months

Thursday, Apr 23 - Welcome to our new section, Home, Garden & Design, where we will be posting articles by prominent local architects, landscape designers and interior designers. Each article wilI follow the evolution of a project, from beginning to end, guaranteed to give you good ideas for your own home, garden, and design.

NATURE’S TURN: Winter’s sweet good-bye

Monday, Mar 16 - “A sap-run is the sweet good-bye of winter. It is the fruit of the equal marriage of the sun and frost.” -- John Burroughs, in Signs and Seasons, 1886

NATURE’S TURN: Seeding our gardens, caring for the earth

Monday, Feb 16 - "To grow healthy food requires a vibrant diversity of plants, animals and soil life. These form the immune system of your land that together help each other to sustain the farm. The soil we work with as part of a farm organism needs our help to be healthy.” -- Lia Babitch, seed garden manager at Turtle Tree Seed

NATURE’S TURN: Garden to table: Good keepers

Monday, Jan 19 - In planning the garden my emphasis is on staple crops that store without any preparation and fit into the existing storage “infrastructure.” Additional priorities include planting produce that is expensive to purchase in winter or not available organically grown.

NATURE’S TURN: Winter garden 

Monday, Jan 5 - In the first of her biweekly columns about growing and gardening in the Berkshires, Judy Isacoff writes: "Stars, the sunlit moon and planets circle the expanse of frozen, fertile ground during these long nights. There’s the sense of a night shift at work underground."