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Berkshire real estate transactions April 3 through April 10, 2015

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 April 3 through April 10, 2015


35 Burt St: Theodore S. Brown and Bayview Loan Servicing of Adams to Bayview Loan Servicing, $97,900 on 04/07/2015


1838 Main St: Filmus Gladus Est and Michael Filmus of Becket to Lakeside Retreats LLC, $162,000 on 04/07/2015


60 North St Unit 16: Robert E. and Gail P. Ginthwain of Dalton to Peter P. and Joni R. Berardino, $118,000 on 04/09/2015


25 New Lenox Rd: Paul T. Giardina of Lenox to Daniel R. and Paula M. Lewis, $95,000 on 04/10/2015

30 Pinecrest Dr: Timothy J. Byrnes and Lee Bank of Lenox to Robert M. and Timothy M. Hart, $200,000 on 04/06/2015

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit F17: Barbara Pomerantz RET and Ivy Travisano of Lenox to F17 Lenox Heights RT and John Mcquade, $85,000 on 04/10/2015

16 Sedgwick Ln Unit 16: Marc and David Krellenstein of Lenox to Robert A. and Phyllis S. Yawitt, $950,000 on 04/07/2015

New Marlborough

1741 Hartsville New Marlborough R: Peter H. Levy of New Marlborough to Kevin and Kimberly Fahey, $344,000 on 04/09/2015

475 Hayes Hill Rd: Chestnut Ridge NT and Elisabeth Pisila of New Marlborough to Charles B. Joyce, $77,500 on 04/08/2015

North Adams

83 Chestnut St: Patricia B. Willette of North Adams to Brian J. Miksic, $75,000 on 04/10/2015

16 Wall St: Jennifer N. and David R. Delisle of North Adams to Joanna E. Gabler, $50,000 on 04/07/2015


30 Dan Ave: Dale T. and Rita A. Wheaton of Pittsfield to Lisa A. Poplaski, $229,500 on 04/07/2015

57 Emerson Ave: Sally Evans of Pittsfield to James and Lesliejohn Roche, $170,000 on 04/08/2015

184 Highland Ave: Brian Goddard of Pittsfield to Justin J. Goddard, $66,000 on 04/10/2015

35 Morewood Dr: Rita Mary Vandergrift RET and Christine A. Lusignan of Pittsfield to Alexander Arbour and Margaret Steuerwald, $214,000 on 04/09/2015

20 Richmond Ave: Whaling Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Eric and Alicia Jost, $74,500 on 04/08/2015

48 Roxbury Ave: Sean M. and Nadine L. Desautels of Pittsfield to Elaina M. Grant, $145,000 on 04/10/2015


11 Jamie Ln: Isabeth B. Hardy and Kathleen Decelle of Sandisfield to Beryl B. Birch, $383,500 on 04/10/2015

38 Elm Ct: Rebecca J. Machaffie and Greylock FCU of Sheffield to Greylock FCU, $129,558 on 04/10/2015


8 Cherry St: New FT and William J. New of Stockbridge to Charles Diskavich and Ruth Huhtanen, $258,500 on 04/06/2015

West Stockbridge

209 North St: Marie-Elizabeth Mali of West Stockbridge to William A. Barth and Jayne Benjulian, $850,000 on 04/10/2015

Source: Warren Group

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