Susan M. O’Connor, 50

Friday, Nov 7 - Sue lived by her favorite word “Ohana.” “Ohana” means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Josephine Dellea, 103

Thursday, Nov 6 - Josephine moved to West Stockbridge as a child and was educated in West Stockbridge Schools. She later worked for Austin Riggs Center and West Stockbridge Village School.

Energy committee disputes Berkshire Edge analysis of gas pipeline decision

Thursday, Nov 6 - "The six New England states never, as the article stated, made “a decision to impose a charge of dubious legality on all New England ratepayers in order to support the funding of a natural gas pipeline that is planned to traverse Massachusetts." -- Heather Hunt, executive director of New England States Committee on Electricity

Trinity Renee Raifstanger, 39

Wednesday, Nov 5 - Trinity was an outstanding beauty inside and out, who touched the lives of everyone she knew. She leaves a legacy of awareness, inspiration and hope.

Alice O. Howell, 91, writer, Jungian scholar, poet, astrologer

Friday, Oct 31 - A writer, poet, astrologer, and Jungian Scholar, she lectured around the world, published nine books, and taught courses at the Jung Institutes of Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. She is recognized as a pioneer in linking psychology and astrology.

Bits & Bytes: Recital at Simon’s Rock, Montessori open house

Friday, Oct 31 - Pianist Anne Chamberlain will offer a rarity, the “Sonata for Piano” by Gideon Klein. Klein was perhaps the most talented composer during World War II, when he was interned in Terezin, Czechoslovakia, and composed a series of great works before being murdered in Auschwitz at 25.

Two complex ballots for voters on November 4

Wednesday, Oct 29 - If the Proposition 2 ½ override for the renovation of Monument Mountain Regional High School fails in any of the three towns, the accompanying ballot item seeking approval for the project is rendered meaningless, and the renovation will not happen. Even the ballot question says it — and the results are binding.

Alta L. Skorput, 97

Wednesday, Oct 29 - Alta Skorput earned her Master’s degree in Education and taught third grade for many years at the Stockbridge Plain School in Stockbridge.

Rudolph Lloyd Hoeltzel, 80

Wednesday, Oct 29 - If life is a journey, he made the most of it, embracing it wholeheartedly with a tireless quest for knowledge, and a great love of the arts, literature and above all nature. He spent some of his happiest times transforming the landscape around his home and hiking, either the Appalachian Trail, of which he completed over 2,000 miles, or with the local Monday Mountain Boys.

The Bottle Bill: An Ongoing Battle

Monday, Oct 27 - According to the Massachusetts Sierra Club, the added incentive of a nickel deposit has enabled 35 billion bottles to be recycled in the Commonwealth.

Ernest Schnesel, 84

Monday, Oct 27 - He was recently honored by Fairview Hospital and was an integral part of the building of Priscilla's House at Construct.

Renovate high school now to avoid inflation

Sunday, Oct 26 - In his letter Steve McAlister writes: "A 3-year delay from now could add over $6 ½ million to the same project, with nothing deleted. Who wants to waste that kind of money to put off the inevitable?"