Food Justice: So others may eat

Thursday, Jun 26 - According to the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, roughly one in eight people continues to experience hunger in this part of the Commonwealth, an eye-opening fact. Furthermore, one in five children lives in food-insecure households.

Gilded Age loses its glitter in Stockbridge — for now

Wednesday, Jun 25 - "Stockbridge is a model, small New England town, and we’ve maintained its character for 250 years. The intent of bylaws is to save these properties, but we don't want to be creating a Club Med North.” -- Stockbridge Planning Board member Eugene Talbot

Our very own Mass. imprisonment

Monday, Jun 23 - Prison reform in the age of our own Mass. imprisonment has become a low-priority issue for today’s brand of timid political activists, who often seem more concerned about their own comfort than they are about the greater good of the society.

Great Barrington Selectboard endorses the Ride$hare concept

Tuesday, Jun 17 - We believe that the Ride$hare concept – if widely adopted – could have important public benefits, including reducing gasoline consumption and air pollution, expanding the employment radius for job-seekers, and fostering a sense of civic connectedness. -- Great Barrington Selectboard resolution


Monday, Jun 16 - Why is it we always know best? Especially when we know nothing. Why? Because we are Americans? Because we know best? That, of course, is something Republicans and Democrats can always agree upon. We not only know best, but are the best.

World Cup fever mounts in the Berkshires

Wednesday, Jun 11 - It is a soccer extravaganza with an estimated worldwide viewing population of 3.2 billion humans, long anticipated and riddled with controversy. Yet soccer itself is the everyman’s game, ferociously beloved by both rich and poor, and everyone in between.

Berkshire Playwrights Lab: Seven Successful Years Celebrated with a Gala

Wednesday, Jun 4 - "This is one of my favorite events in the Berkshires. It’s a true honor to be a part of this -- they are celebrating new playwrights, new work, rich language and stories that resonate within all of us." -- Shakespeare and Company actress and Communications Director Elizabeth Aspenlieder