Trade and Commerce

BerkShares Business of the Month: Hosta Hill

Friday, Oct 16 - Maddie Elling and Abe Hunrichs of Hosta Hill were intrigued with recipes from Sandor Katz’s "Wild Fermentation," and excited by the opportunity to dig up ancient traditions and experiment with them in the 21st century.

George T. Smith honored as Business Person of the Year

Thursday, Sep 10 - "There are 2.5 million people named Smith in the United States but, for a guy with a pretty common name, there is only one George T. Smith who has done so much for our community.” -- Richard Cantele Jr., president and CEO of Salisbury Bankcorp

BerkShares Business of the Month: CaféADAM

Thursday, Jul 9 - “When you look at the big picture in the world — between politics and war and where money is going – it’s a privilege and it’s liberating to have our own currency. It’s an action when you use BerkShares. It’s an instant way to not feel helpless; to do something that makes a difference. It’s like voting.” -- Adam Zieminski, owner of Café Adam

BerkShares business of the month: Berkshire Museum

Sunday, Jun 21 - "Economic gardening really starts in your backyard, and we really like the way that BerkShares create a virtuous circle, in which we can recirculate money in our local economy." -- Van Shields, executive director of the Berkshire Museum