Life In the Berkshires

Connections: Bamboozled Berkshires, past and present

Tuesday, Feb 24 - Why do we fall for it? All good con men offer what you most want. The promises to Berkshire are always the same – they will create jobs, they will rejuvenate the economy, they will save historic buildings, and their taxes will lower taxes for the rest of us.

Discussing economics on Old Stockbridge Road

Monday, Feb 23 - “The arguments made in the affirmative were that the project [Elm Court Resort] could create jobs and save an architectural gem. However, jobs in the Berkshire hospitality industry are most often lower-paid and seasonal.” — Carole Owens, in The Berkshire Edge

The science that cried wolf

Saturday, Feb 21 - So — enough with the food-pyramids and the nutrition admonitions. Don’t tell me how many glasses of this or ounces of that I’m supposed to consume, or the dire consequences if I don’t. From now on I am going to listen to what my own body is telling me.

BerkShares Business of the Month: Stagecoach Tavern at Race Brook Lodge

Wednesday, Feb 18 - “We’re interested in supporting the local economy because it supports us so much. So we accept BerkShares, giving people an opportunity to keep their money local, and then that incentivizes us to find local purveyors so that we can keep the circulation going.” -- Casey Rothstein Fitzpatrick, managing partner of the Stagecoach Tavern at Race Brook Lodge

Connections: Agrippa Hull — soldier, farmer, philosopher

Tuesday, Feb 17 - While Agrippa Hull was safe from slavery in Stockbridge, he lived much too close to the New York border. Slavery was legal in New York and kidnappers were common. They came across the state line, grabbed Black men, women and children in Massachusetts, and sold them in New York.

Snow Day survival guide for working parents

Sunday, Feb 8 - Today's working parents are warriors as they rely on skills to balance the impossible. Having your own personal Snow Day Resolution offers peace of mind to problem solve something that you thought was not in your control.

BOB GRAY: Grace and luck

Sunday, Feb 8 - I am not a man of great or constant religious belief, though I wish at times I were. But I do have faith in the proven dogma of the seasons, of sun and rain and warm and cold passing and coming around again and again over long, slow time.


Saturday, Feb 7 - "We didn't spend the money or take the time to develop alternative plans." -- Berkshire Hills School Committee Chair Stephen Bannon

EDGEWISE: Three cheers for ambiguity

Thursday, Feb 5 - Ambiguity, taken first thing in the morning, has untold benefits. For most people, it’s not necessary to take another dose at night since the dream world is ambiguity’s country of origin. You will be drawn there whether you like it or not.

CONNECTIONS: Alone in the Age of Connection

Tuesday, Feb 3 - Technology enables social isolation. We are “always connected” but no less alone. Communication no longer includes human speech. We no longer need to hear or listen or see another human being to call it conversation. The light we are basking in is not another human being’s smile but the glow of a computer screen.

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Saturday, Jan 31 - Celebrate the Berkshires  Thursday, September 15, 2016 @ 6:00 PM  Tanglewood, Lenox  1Berkshire honors Tanglewood and The Boston Symphony Orchestra for “Putting the Berkshires on the Map”. More information Light Into Night  Saturday, September 17, 2016 @ 5:00 Ghent Our annual upstate fundraiser, LIGHT INTO NIGHT brings together visual artists, writers, musicians and dancers for […]