Life In the Berkshires

BerkShares businesses: One Mercantile

Tuesday, Aug 19 - We focus on small-batch production and locally made goods. We are trying to create a unique shopping experience in Great Barrington. -- One Mercantile co-owner, Abby Webster

Notes, footnotes & queries

Friday, Aug 15 - Why is it that Wheeler and Taylor has chained off its big parking lot that for so many years was available on weekends?

The banana at Tanglewood

Monday, Aug 11 - “A banana? What kind of a banana?” “I can’t explain it. It’s a banana. It’s the only banana at Tanglewood."

The future of food: Beyond farm to table

Monday, Aug 11 - "It is not enough to just support the farmer; we need to support the land that supports the farmer." -- Chef and author Daniel Barber, owner of Blue Hill Farm in Monterey

Part I: The heroin epidemic in my town

Wednesday, Jul 23 - We cannot dismiss the problem of heroin and the underlying, mysterious madness of the youth here. What do people need to escape from when they need to escape this much, this far?

Connections: Waiting for a train

Monday, Jul 21 - The first time around, from concept to completion, it took 44 years to establish passenger train service in Berkshire and there is no reason to believe it will take less time to restore it.

Connections: Circus circus

Thursday, Jul 17 - The elephant arrived in Lenox exhausted and suffering – apparently – from internal injuries. Residents came from all over Berkshire, stood in the barn door, and watched Columbus die.

Gideon’s Garden: So others may eat

Wednesday, Jul 16 - “Gideon’s Garden is the best thing. It’s such a pleasure partnering with them. They have a big heart; they care about everybody.” --George Laye, director of the Guthrie Center

Circus is coming! Smirkus is coming!

Tuesday, Jul 15 - The Circus Smirkus performances are a benefit for the Great Barrington Fairgrounds Redevelopment Project. The Smirkus theme is: “Anchors Away for Atlantis, a maritime merriment under the briny big top.”