Life In the Berkshires

CONNECTIONS: Century-old criteria for creating an engaging Main Street

Tuesday, Jul 28 - The town of Stockbridge and its village improvement society buried electric wires, chose simple street lights, maintained historic structures, and assured that the width of the street allowed for not just roadbed but also walkways and trees to be planted at the edge of the pavement.

TMC Festival of Contemporary Music: Fun, pretty, scary

Monday, Jul 27 - Robert Zuidam’s “Tanglewood Concerto” (classification: Fun) was the perfect vehicle for Emanuel Ax to show everyone how much fun he has performing new music with players of the Tanglewood Music Center. But it certainly doesn’t look easy, even for Manny.

Mysterious and magical cairns

Monday, Jul 27 - I love how cairns possess a borderline quality – not just by defying gravity or remaining anonymous but in straddling randomness in nature with creativity.

TALES: Knees in the Breeze

Saturday, Jul 25 - The .top field undulates, making it impossible to see very far ahead, but I saw something in the near distance that stopped my breath. At first I couldn’t work out what it was

EATING IN SEASON: Blueberry bonanza

Wednesday, Jul 22 - I recently found the recipe for blueberry muffins scribbled – ingredients only – no instructions. Why would I need the instructions? I knew exactly how to make them! I decided to make them. Guess what? I still know how to make them.