Life In the Berkshires

BOB GRAY: Fleeting messengers of spring

Monday, May 11 - It’s well-known Spring is the least of our seasons. The peepers and their tentative brook are at once the least but surest of all Spring’s messengers.

Culinary Adventures: It must be spring. Farmers’ Market opens

Wednesday, May 6 - The Great Barrington Farmers Market took over the train station on Saturday mornings for years, but moved to the fairgrounds last year. This year they have an arrangement with Great Barrington’s fairy godmother, Jane Iredale, who is generously leasing them space on her company’s conveniently located property, with a lot of room for parking.

A fly on the wall. Really.

Friday, May 1 - Wasn’t entertainment so much simpler in 1925? Just scramble up the side of the building, and everyone in Great Barrington and their neighbors from Egremont, Sheffield and Monterey turn out to ooooh. (I know, they really had a little blood lust; they wanted to see if he’d fall.)

Connections: Racial conflict in Great Barrington — in 1893

Tuesday, Apr 28 - The police were credited with coming and breaking it up, and yet, after they arrived one black man was “used pretty roughly.” When it was over, the white community was angry that the Blacks, clearly the perpetrators in their opinion, were not arrested. The Black community was angry that a young Black man was injured with police present, and perhaps, by the police.

Edge forum identifies high-speed Internet as key to Berkshire economic future

Saturday, Apr 25 - Stockbridge — Twenty years from now in the Berkshires, what infrastructure will we wish we had put in place to keep the area thriving, expand its assets, create job opportunities that would attract young people, and make housing affordable, while at the same time embracing and appreciating open space and agriculture? That was the essential issue before “Building […]

Notes, footnotes & queries

Wednesday, Apr 15 - Has the “species purity” movement gotten out of hand, categorizing undesirable plants and animals, even earthworms, as invasive? Next thing you know its adherents will be calling for the elimination of apple trees as an alien species.

CONNECTIONS: Tanglewood — fanfare for the common man, again

Tuesday, Apr 14 - Before the first white men settled in Berkshire County, the 500 acres in the northeast corner of Stockbridge that would one day be the Tanglewood Music Festival, were common ground -- land set aside by the Housatunnuck for the benefit of the whole tribe.

BOB GRAY: Pruning, and farewell, farewell to March

Friday, Apr 3 - It’s a simple thing to become desperate and exasperated with the world and its people and events which I have no power to change. Working outside in the waking world gives me time to contemplate, to realize I’m not charged with changing the world. The best I can do is examine my own life in peaceful, quiet, and solitary labor.

CONNECTIONS: Berkshire staples: Hunger and poverty

Tuesday, Mar 31 - Hunger is all around us in Berkshire County whether we know it or not. Concomitantly, the diabetes rate in Berkshire County has climbed to the highest in the Commonwealth. Hunger is not simply a lack of food, according to the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts; hunger is also a lack of nutritious food.

BerkShares Business of the Month: The Chef’s Shop

Thursday, Mar 19 - “In many places, things are getting homogenized, which is a real loss for our economy and our culture. I see the Berkshires as one of the final bastions of independent, unique entrepreneurs. What really makes our entire economy go is local people supporting each other.” -- Rob Navarino, owner of The Chef's Shop in Great Barrington

Pothole Paradise

Thursday, Mar 19 - In keeping with the annual appearance of this trying period that tests our talent for nimble handling of the steering wheel to dodge those pesky chasms in the pavement and to vault the rolling frost heaves, we invite our readers to send us photos of worst pothole they’ve encountered.

EDGEWISE: East meets West, at Women’s Writers Festival

Thursday, Mar 19 - As we round the curve into the second half of the month-long Berkshire Festival of Women Writers, I am energized and delighted by the lively beat of events featuring creative women stepping out into the community to share and inspire us. Coming up this weekend we’ll have a red-carpet film screening hosted by Karen Allen […]

BOB GRAY: Playing in my mind

Saturday, Mar 14 - Each passing aisle of graves is a page in a book. It might read like a mystery to people from away, but for someone who can read each page, there is history and memory, melancholy and remembrance.