Life In the Berkshires

Mother Goes to Town Meeting

Thursday, May 8 - I look up and see Moses standing at the ready nearby, ready to lead us through another annual round of democracy. Next year, in the high school.

Chelm 01262

Tuesday, Apr 22 - He heard that there may have been more doctors for the treatment of psychological ailments per citizen in Stockbridge than in any other town or city in the world.

Negotiating the Berkshire Shuffle

Tuesday, Apr 22 - I thought to myself at the time, “I’ll never have to resort to that -- after all here I am I'm a tenured professor."

If all goes according to plan…

Monday, Apr 21 - In about 10 years Great Barrington should have newly reconfigured water lines and sewer system, bike lanes on all the major roads to offer an alternative to the automobile, a renovated railroad line to the New York Metropolitan Area.