Farm and Table

The science that cried wolf

Saturday, Feb 21 - So — enough with the food-pyramids and the nutrition admonitions. Don’t tell me how many glasses of this or ounces of that I’m supposed to consume, or the dire consequences if I don’t. From now on I am going to listen to what my own body is telling me.

Eat Well, Live Well: Fermentation, or when is a pickle not a pickle?

Sunday, Jan 25 - I have grown enamored of naturally fermented pickles and other vegetables, both for their great flavor and for their incredible health is amazing what people did with food before anyone understood the science behind it. Ketchup, marmalade and relishes also used to be lactofermented. Ketchup, originally known as ke-tsiap, was a spicy, pickled fish sauce made of anchovies, walnuts, mushrooms and kidney beans from Indonesia.

Culinary Adventures: Oakhurst Diner in Millerton, New York

Wednesday, Jan 7 - Once upon a time, an original box car diner, made in New Jersey in the 1940s, it was brought to Millerton to replace an inn owned by the Hotchkiss family that had burned down. Today, much of the original diner remains the same, so you’re forgiven if you feel as if you’ve entered a time warp.

Culinary Adventures: The eponymous Preservation Society and P.S. Bistro

Wednesday, Dec 31 - Chef and owner Christophe Jalbert places a high premium on local ingredients on his menus. In a short time that he has owned the former Route 7 Grill, Jalbert not only developed solid relationships with 40 or more farmers in the area, but the people who come to his restaurants expect locally grown food prepared to show off its high quality.

Voices from NESAWG, Part II: The pragmatic professor

Tuesday, Dec 30 - "The veterans of the 'back to the land' movement who are now in their 70s didn't even know what a business plan looked like when they started out. But younger people today have way more business acumen. We sold the idea of using climate friendly biomass fuels for heating greenhouses by demonstrating that it would help their bottom line." -- UVM Extension Prof. Vern Grubinger

Voices from NESAWG: The young farmer and the future of food

Sunday, Dec 28 - The first of two reports from the Northeast Sustainable Agricultural Working Group(NESAWG): A centerpiece of NESAWG’s plan is the "50 by 60" program, which plans that by 2060, 50 percent of the food produced in the northeast should be consumed in the northeast. Tom Kelly of the University of New Hampshire envisions a tripling of New England acres under cultivation from 2 to 6 million.  

Culinary Adventures: John Andrews, a farmhouse restaurant

Wednesday, Dec 17 - The full name of Smith’s restaurant is “John Andrews, a farmhouse restaurant.” Thus it is not surprising that each week Smith presents a special menu highlighting the bounty of a local farm. Recently the menu featured Susan Sellew’s Rawson Brook Farm goat cheese.

Tips for healthy eating on Thanksgiving

Wednesday, Nov 26 - We were contemplating the 10 guests that would soon be assembling for our Thanksgiving celebration, and fretting about whether we had enough turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, pecan, apple and pumpkin pies, asparagus, salad, Brussel sprouts, hors d’oeuvres, when we received an email from Lauren Smith, director of information for Fairview Hospital. Her message […]

Culinary Adventures: Berkshire Grown Holiday Farmers Markets

Wednesday, Nov 19 - There will be more than 40 vendors at the holiday markets. Booths for farmers are so popular that there is a waiting list for vendors. The Berkshire Grown holiday markets have built a solid reputation for quality of merchandise.