Farm and Table

EUSTIS ON FOOD: Homemade pasta

Tuesday, Apr 12 - Pasta feeds children well. It is cheap, and serves as a vehicle to deliver any number of lovely sauces. But there is so much more there, so much more flavor, in fresh pasta, and it is much better for you.

EUSTIS ON FOOD: The simple meringue

Tuesday, Mar 29 - These are about as simple a dessert as there is, and with the counterpoint of the crackly-on-the-outside against the chewy-on-the-inside, it’s just perfection.

FOODS OF LOVE: Sinfully rich chocolate cake

Wednesday, Feb 10 - What really brings out the spark is dessert. Here is a recipe for a simple dessert, easily prepared, elegantly presented and certain to keep the spark of your love alive.