Life In the Berkshires

CONNECTIONS: Coded messages

Tuesday, Jan 16 - In the 19th century, the rules and rituals of courtship were prescribed by the church and then by society. However quaint they may seem to us today, we can identify with the underlying humanity and human yearning.

Annals of crime: Forbidden words

Sunday, Jan 14 - In 1795, had President Trump uttered what he is said to have said about immigrants from Haiti and Africa, he would have been fined. At the time, of course, his relatives were in Russia.

Stockbridge Mohican wisdom on a life well-lived: A conversation with Mohican delegation in London, 1766

Monday, Jan 8 - ‘Your state of society is an endless source of wretchedness… in a state of society like yours those who labour most enjoy the least, and thou who labour not at all have the greatest number of enjoyments.’ -- Stockbridge Mohican Sachems Daniel Nimham, Jacob Cheeksaunkun, Solomon Uhhaunauwaunmut, John Naunauphtaunk, as recorded by John Trusler during their visit to England