Life In the Berkshires

Terry Cowgill
At a 'Disconnect' ceremony Monday (March 27) Andrew Mankin and Gary Happ, owners of the Barrington Brewery Restaurant on Stockbridge Road in Great Barrington, cut a cable to signify their switch to solar power for their brewery and restaurant, and adjacent Crissey Farm.

Suds and renewable energy: A marriage made in heaven

Tuesday, Mar 28 / By / “We are on the front lines of environmental stewardship and forefront of sustainable brewery initiatives.” -- Andrew Mankin, co-owner of Barrington Brewery

CONNECTIONS: Divorce, early 20th-century style

Tuesday, Mar 28 - A married woman had no right to own, buy and sell property separate from her husband. Therefore, if a husband became angry or aggrieved at her wish to separate or divorce, he could simply leave. A deserted wife had no way to support herself.