When Du Bois lived here

Monday, Jul 20 - Du Bois stands as a towering figure in American history. A product of the local public school, from which he was the first black graduate of the high school, and a fixture of several local institutions, his legacy here has nevertheless triggered debates.

EYES TO THE SKY: Exquisite conjunction, Thunder Moon, nearing Pluto

Monday, Jun 29 - On July 1, the Full Thunder Moon rises in the east-southeast at 8 p.m. It is the first of two full moons in July – the next occurs on the 31st. This atypical celestial phenomenon is known as a “blue moon” and occurs once every two – three years.

EYES TO THE SKY: Solstice light, Venus and Jupiter meet

Monday, Jun 15 - The longest days of the year, from Friday the 19th – Wednesday the 24th, are 15 hours 16 minutes, which leaves 8 hours 44 minutes from sundown to sunup, the shortest nights of the year. For the rest of June and through the first week of July, nights are barely 8 hours long when dawn and dusk are taken into account.

Poem: The Shadow

Thursday, Jun 11 - In Mrs. Jessica Redman's third grade class at Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School students have been learning about poetry -- and writing some, too , as the above poem attests. After the school assembly on Thursday, June 11, students will return to their classrooms to read their poetry to their families.

EYES TO THE SKY: Pluto, here we come!    

Monday, Jun 1 - Nearly a decade of rocketing at up to 47,000 miles an hour, the New Horizons spacecraft, the fastest object to leave Earth, is approaching Pluto, to arrive at closest range on July 14. In the days before, during and after closest approach New Horizons will conduct a schedule of phenomenal, marathon-paced research initiatives.

Wired West broadband is essential for education in the Berkshires

Saturday, May 23 - Chris Thompson, the Technology Coordinator for SBRSD, points out that a 21st century learning environment is imperative to students being able to compete on both a national and global scale. He notes that due to the ever-present nature of digital content, access to it must be easy and seamless with student access at school equally as important as student access at home.

Eyes to the Sky: All night Saturn, long night Venus, Jupiter

Monday, May 18 - To participate virtually in the progress of NASA’s historic New Horizons flyby mission to Pluto — which is scheduled to arrive at the icy world on July 14 — download Simulation Curriculum’s free interactive exploration app, Pluto Safari for iOS and Android.

I DIG GB: Student Art Show on Main Street

Tuesday, May 12 - “We worked closely with Neel Weber at the High School who coordinated efforts with the other art teachers at Muddy Brook, Monument Valley and Monument Mountain so that we could celebrate youth art work throughout downtown Great Barrington during this construction period on Main Street." -- Beryl Jolly, Executive Director of the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center

Mt. Everett Robotics team updates from World Championships  

Saturday, Apr 25 - Although one team had expressed interest in having us join them, this did not materialize and so our Cinderella run in St. Louis came to an end this morning. In what seemed a reversal of the way things generally go, the kids took the result with more equanimity than the adults, including me. The big story is how well we did against much larger schools who were better financed. In fact, Mt Everett finished ahead of every other school in New England. A great achievement.