In the Berkshires, a school crisis – and opportunity

Wednesday, Apr 12 - Among the ideas being explored are consolidations of neighboring districts where appropriate, and even the creation of much larger “super regions” that would merge the county’s districts down from the current 19 to three or less. 

Mahaiwe’s school-time field trips: Exceptional learning outside the classroom

Tuesday, Apr 11 - The Mahaiwe has hosted more than 17,000 students from 57 schools since the program began. “Our goal is to share these performing arts experiences, engage students with their own unlimited potential, unleash their imaginations, and inspire their spirits.” -- Beryl Jolly, executive director of the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center

News Brief: Funding will cover STEM-related AP exams

Saturday, Apr 1 - The STEM Advisory Council executive committee endorsed the administration’s decision to allocate approximately $326,000 this year from the STEM Pipeline Fund to cover the costs of AP exams in biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, calculus, environmental science and statistics.

Students celebrate life’s diversity – one drumbeat at a time

Thursday, Mar 9 - Using African dance and drumming as a vehicle to explore the concepts of folklore and storytelling came via a talented group of educators from Berkshire Pulse, an organization dedicated to building and strengthening community life through diverse and accessible programming.

ON DREAMS: Hate dreams, love dreams

Tuesday, Feb 21 - It seems to me that the wide range and freedom of dreams emerge from a mind free from being watched, even free from being watched by oneself.

The Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States

Monday, Feb 20 - On this President’s Day, when our nation is in turmoil and its democracy may be in doubt, let us remind ourselves of – and celebrate -- our Constitution and its Bill of Rights, that guarantee our rights as free citizens, regardless of race, creed, country of origin, or gender, in a country guided by the rule of law and the will of its people, freely expressed.