Game of chess, anyone? Check out the Berkshire Hills Chess Club

Sunday, Oct 30 - “Chess combines intellectual and emotional discipline – both of which are desperately needed in this irrational time. At the same time chess requires players to be polite and have decorum.” -- Gene Kalish, organizer of the Berkshire Hills Chess Club

Southern Berkshire School District to appeal DOE downgrade  

Saturday, Oct 1 - “We should be celebrating the fact that when they get to high school, our students are leading the pack. Teachers do above and beyond. It’s not about a damn test; it’s about the kids.” --- Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee member Charlie Flynn

EYES TO THE SKY: Quicken to celestial lights at dawn, dusk

Monday, Sep 19 - In the hour before sunrise during the last week of September and the first week of October, an additional incentive to prompt our waking up to go outdoors in the early morning is the promise of witnessing the ethereal zodiacal light.

Art in action: A conversation with Shakespeare & Company’s Kevin Coleman

Monday, Aug 15 - Shakespeare & Company’s Education Director Kevin Coleman is a 2016 Tony Award Finalist for Excellence in Theatre Education. “Creativity is our birthright. All art gives us insights into ourselves, keys to our own creativity, and theatre adds a natural experience of cooperation,” he notes.