Invest in our children’s future; invest in renovation

Thursday, Oct 2 - Dr. Mark Sprague of Stockbridge writes: "I urge the voting community of Berkshire Hills Regional School District to make sure that they have all the necessary information they need to make an informed decision and to vote proactively on Election Day for our children's future and renovate Monument Mountain High School."

Future school consolidation: The drawbacks and benefits

Thursday, Oct 2 - “This is a clash of economic concerns with educational concerns. It’s going to be an ongoing theme. At what point does it get too expensive?" --Carl Stewart, chairman of the Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee

There are viable alternatives for high school renovation

Thursday, Oct 2 - Great Barrington resident David Long explains why his 'Draft Alternative Plan' to the proposed renovation of Monument Mountain Regional High School explores viable options not considered by the Berkshire Hills Building Committee.

‘Alternative approach’ to Monument renovation is fatally flawed

Wednesday, Oct 1 - Richard Coons, chair of the Monument Mountain Regional High School Building Committee advises that the so-called Alternative Approach to Renovating Monument "reflects a lack of knowledge of virtually every aspect of law, building planning, design, construction and educational program needs."

Misinformation distorts the real need for high school renovation

Monday, Sep 29 - Berkshire Hills Regional School Committee member Rich Bradway deplores the misinformation and what he terms outright lies being circulated about the reasons for the proposed renovation of Monument Regional High School. He sets the record straight.

As Nov. 4 vote nears, campaign for renovation kicks into high gear

Tuesday, Sep 23 - The Berkshire Hills Regional School District is trying to explain the necessity of a high school renovation project to tax-weary Great Barrington voters amid a landscape studded with stealth opposition campaigns, and what some say are weapons of mass distraction.

Community mourns John Krahm, 59, beloved educator

Wednesday, Sep 17 - Family, friends and colleagues paint the picture of a humble, hard-working man, a generous spirit who gave his time and love to legions of youth -- troubled or not -- and to everyone who crossed his path, including those he didn’t even know.

The day I don’t remember: Visiting the 9/11 Memorial

Thursday, Sep 11 - Monument Mountain Regional High School junior Jacob Robbins was in preschool when al-Qaeda terrorists flew two commandeered aircraft into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, toppling the towers and killing more than 3,000. He recently visited the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City to find connections to a day he doesn't remember.

Music as a journey through life: A conversation with Max Weiner

Tuesday, May 27 - "Working to get better at my music means I can achieve more. That’s the beauty of it. It’s exponential growth as the better you get, the more you realize you have so much more distance to climb." -- Monument Mountain senior Max Weiner who will be attending Oberlin College and Conservatory in the fall.