EYES TO THE SKY: Winter Solstice: Sightseeing beyond the Milky Way

Wednesday, Dec 17 - "The cosmos, for me, is a vast space to explore for both beauty and science. The beauty is self-evident…. The science is important to help understand the place humankind has in the universe and even in daily life." -- Astrophotographer Kent DeGroff

GB Fairgrounds draws attention from Waldorf High School senior class

Tuesday, Dec 2 - The Senior Class at the Berkshire Waldorf High School in Stockbridge is exploring imaginative ways of representing the history of a particular place, talking with those involved in it, and then translating their impressions into a collaborative "documentary illustration." The first topic the class selected is the ongoing restoration of the Great Barrington Fairgrounds.

Students promote peace in the Mideast — through music

Tuesday, Nov 18 - Sheffield-based Music in Common will lead a delegation of six American high school students Israel in February to collaborate with students from Jewish and Arab schools, to write and record a song and to create a multimedia project.

Monument renovation is more than just numbers 

Saturday, Nov 1 - Jacob Robbins, a junior at Monument Mountain Regional High School, pleads for voters to approve the school's renovation: "I am imploring everyone to please vote yes on the renovation project. If we are to continue to foster an incredible learning space for the kids of today and the kids of tomorrow we must adapt: The building cannot sustain itself for much longer."

School renovation planning conducted in public meetings

Monday, Oct 6 - "What is untrue and troubling is the accusations that anyone representing Monument Matters or the District lied or hid any option from the public." -- Stephen C. Bannon, chairman of the Berkshire Hills School Committee

High school renovation proposal is ‘sane, sound, intelligent’

Monday, Oct 6 - In her letter, Julia Erickson of Housatonic calls on voters in the Berkshire Hills School District to wake up to the real need to renovate Monument Mountain High School: "By not investing now, when we have this incredible opportunity to get almost HALF the cost of this project paid for by the state of Massachusetts, is foolish. We will not have this opportunity again for a decade or more."

Invest in our children’s future; invest in renovation

Thursday, Oct 2 - Dr. Mark Sprague of Stockbridge writes: "I urge the voting community of Berkshire Hills Regional School District to make sure that they have all the necessary information they need to make an informed decision and to vote proactively on Election Day for our children's future and renovate Monument Mountain High School."

Future school consolidation: The drawbacks and benefits

Thursday, Oct 2 - “This is a clash of economic concerns with educational concerns. It’s going to be an ongoing theme. At what point does it get too expensive?" --Carl Stewart, chairman of the Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee

There are viable alternatives for high school renovation

Thursday, Oct 2 - Great Barrington resident David Long explains why his 'Draft Alternative Plan' to the proposed renovation of Monument Mountain Regional High School explores viable options not considered by the Berkshire Hills Building Committee.