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Berkshire Pulse, reborn and renewed, hosts weekend gala, performances

Wednesday, Jun 3 - Pulse founder Bettina Montano now has a beautiful setting in which to train the serious dancer, the four-year-old sprite, or the adult Flamenco dabbler. On any given afternoon and evening, one can walk down the hall — which is lit with long bars of colored glass — and hear the classes going in all three dance studios and the music room.

Berkshire International Film Festival: Day 3  

Monday, Jun 1 - One of the most anticipated movies of the festival was Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict. Peggy had a spirited, curious and brave nature. This led her to open galleries in Paris, New York, and London; finally settling in Venice. Her many lovers introduced her to the significant avant garde artists in Europe.

Day 2: Berkshire International Film Festival

Sunday, May 31 - The story of "Madina's Dream" is heartbreaking with the subjects of the film trying to survive in refugee camps but being constantly bombarded daily by “the airplanes.” The commander of the rebel army says, “They shoot at us and kill us. We shoot at them and kill them. This is the way.”

Matthew Savery: The accidental conductor at Carnegie Hall

Friday, May 29 - "It’s easy to think that if you don’t come from a big metropolitan area, you don’t have a shot. But I’ve conducted all over the world. You have to believe that it’s possible. Nothing comes easy. The true joy in life is to be at your best because you’ve worked hard to develop your craft. Then when you nail it, nothing is better than that.” -- Conductor Matthew Savery, who grew up in Lee, Massachusetts

‘The Last Hotel: A Novel in Suites’: Lobby

Friday, May 29 - Luba never liked the Last Hotel. For one thing, the neighborhood scared her to pieces. During the short walk from the Broadway 72nd St. subway, bums accosted her, filthy palms open. Drug addicts hanging outside buildings, passing back and forth a cigarette, women dressed like men, garbage everywhere.

On film: The Berkshire International Film Festival celebrates 10th anniversary

Thursday, May 28 - There is something special about seeing a movie in our community that hasn’t been seen by the general public yet and also meeting the filmmakers and actors involved in the film. Discussing the films, going to Q and A’s, hearing producers and directors discuss the joys and trials of getting their films made are the best parts of this film festival. I love seeing feature films before they have been dissected in the press and my current obsession is documentaries.

Poem: Heck of a Job

Monday, May 25 - Iraq’s guts are still steaming/in the dry, hot air of a nation whose reconstituted army/ tends to run for its life when it faces an enemy,/ even though trained at great expense by the U.S. Army.