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Poem: Crows

Saturday, Apr 25 - They make a racket as if there were news/ beyond shadows falling. I could bang pots and shout/ but crows have seventeen calls for warning.

‘The Last Hotel: A Novel in Suites’: Suite 27

Friday, Apr 24 - Installment 26: a chance encounter in the elevator. "As Reardon stepped in, he noticed the pretty older woman from the fourth floor. He had seen her before. Dark hair and flashing eyes, her name was Rachel, he thought. He nodded to her as he walked to the back of the elevator car. She wore a short black dress and high heels."

Poem: Spring/Country

Saturday, Apr 18 - We cling to the wild yet smell human. We seize what’s natural yet our trash is oiled and heavy.

‘The Last Hotel: A Novel in Suites’: Suite 32

Friday, Apr 17 - “Crossing Central Park West, they made a striking older couple. Faye in tight black pants, a well-fitting sweater the color of her hair, and walking shoes. Pincus in a pair of new-looking blue jeans, probably his first, that Faye had bought him, of course, and his plaid jacket and muffler.”

Poem: For Yom HaShoah

Wednesday, Apr 15 - Two by two, we boarded the boat Noah’s grateful beasts To salvage what was left.

Poem: Leaves of Trees

Tuesday, Apr 14 - We who are left behind mourn you, oh trees, For every leaf lost is a soul lost, The leaves, like Whitman’s grass were nothing And everything...

The Ages of Aquarius: Turbulent evolution of Shakespeare & Company

Monday, Apr 13 - "I know I’m supposed to say that I’m excited about the season coming up, but I am actually really excited about the season coming up. I think our education process is great and our training program is having an outstanding success. Maybe I’m being a bit Pollyanna, but from where I’m looking, the company is really doing great." -- Jonathan Croy, interim director at Shakespeare & Company

‘The Last Hotel: A Novel in Suites’: Suite 62

Saturday, Apr 11 - Installment 24: Fred turned on the TV. Ronald Reagan’s smiling face. He turned the TV off. “Fascist pig,” he mumbled. His eyes fixed on the wooden box in his bookcase, filled with red sticks of dynamite.

KEIGWIN + COMPANY: High-energy dance at MASS MoCA

Friday, Apr 10 - “The Pillow build audiences for dance year-round, and one of the ways in which we do that is through our partnership with MASS MoCA. Audiences will be wowed by KEIGWIN + COMPANY’s unstoppable energy and style.” -- Ella Baff, Executive and Artistic Director of Jacob's Pillow

The School: A New York art dealer’s dream gallery — in Kinderhook

Wednesday, Apr 8 - If you have not visited Jack Shainman's gallery, The School in Kinderhook, New York, you should. A genuine pleasure awaits you. The School has, without exaggeration, one of the most beautiful gallery spaces anywhere in the country. The School, like all of Shainman’s projects, has a specific focus: “To exhibit, represent and champion artists from around the world, in particular artists from Africa, East Asia, and North America.”

The Music Scene: Nick Zammuto on North Adams, Gotye, polyrhythms, and The Books

Friday, Apr 3 - An interview with indietronics musician Nick Zammuto, with some very cool videos of his music. "I came out here to go to school [at Williams College], and then when I was a senior I moved to North Adams into an apartment over on Miner Street, which was fantastic. It was super cheap, and there were no distractions, so I got a lot of music done."

Poem: Dementia

Saturday, Mar 28 - yes – she remembers that she lived there too then hunkers down to deliver the exact address forgets what she is trying to remember

‘The Last Hotel: A Novel in Suites’: Sofa Club

Friday, Mar 27 - In this, the 23rd installment of The Last Hotel, the Sofa Club consider their future, now that the Last Hotel is being sold: “I’ll miss this,” Pincus said. “Sitting on the sofa. Talking every night a little.” Pete took a long sip as he slowly slid down the couch. “I thought it would be my Last Hotel.”

MASS MoCA, crucible of contemporary art, is expanding

Wednesday, Mar 25 - The current (Phase III) expansion is the most ambitious yet. It will add a further 90,000 square feet of exhibition space, taking the total to more than 250,000 square feet, making MASS MoCA the largest contemporary art museum in the world.