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POEM: Anonymous Concrete

Thursday, Feb 2 - Listen to the flag rope hitting the flagpole no flag is in sight and yet we all wave

REVIEW: Unexpected beauty at the Diana Felber Gallery

Saturday, Jan 28 - These studio pieces and commentary provide an unprecedented glimpse into the shadowy world of the outlaw street artist. The practice of illegally scribbling text in public places is, by any measure, nothing new. It predates the cuneiform script of ancient Mesopotamia.

Christmas tree tales: What the ornaments say

Friday, Dec 23 - It takes me days to do. One day just to get the lights on, and then, I rest. The next day I start with the ornaments, which takes forever. Every ornament has it's own story.

Seasons Greetings

Thursday, Dec 22 - Seasons Greetings: Illustration and poem for the holiday season from Belle Fox-Martin.